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A little up date, got booked in for the flue jab, not till end of October, but i got booked in, I am due more bloods taken on Thursday so might ask if they can do my flue jab then, been to ot, she was very nice, had a resting splint made, pick that up on Wednesday, asked at work if i can wear the normal day splints, the cook doesn't think it will be safe, so not sure what to do about that. Not as sleepy on mtx as i was but then again i am listening to my body and if it says sit down you fool, then i do, If you have flu jab does anyone think it might be a good i dear for you other half's to have one too,said to mind this morning that i think he should have one, but he gave me that look, and said no one is sticking any thing in me you have enough for the both of us lol bless him, 6ft 3 and scared of a little needle lol, I hope every one else is doing ok and not feeling the damp cold weather too much, take care every one xxxxx

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I try to get my partner and daughter to have flu jab. They have to pay for it, but flu is no joke


Tell him if he gets flu & passes it on to you he'll be washing his own socks! I bet that wil get him to " man up" for a little jab!



more like he will have to look after me, by that i mean bed bath, help me to the loo lol, and other nasty things lol


Don't forget the chocolates .& glossy magazines he will have to buy you when you are feeling better - as well as all those grapes he will be Peeling!

Sadly I live alone & when I recently had surgery on my foot I had half my kitchen in my bedroom.....or I would have starved.

Take care &'fingers crossed none of us get Flu( or Ebola!)


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