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Very painful little finger &wrist

I hav been reading the details of everyones medical issues the one that decribes what I have the most is from bassonpiano!the pics look exactly like what I have have yu found out for certain what this is? I just started feeling this a week ago !I thought I might have got bitten by a spider my pinky finger is really swollen I had to remove my rings and my ring finger is swelling now !!if yu hav any answers let me know at thank you tori 19551.

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Without meaning to sound unhelpful this is something you should see your GP about. We're not medically trained on this site & obviously couldn't diagnose. It could be one of a number of things causing it so should be seen by a medical professional.

I hope you get some help from your GP, he'll likely have an idea.

Ps not really a good idea to include your email address on open forum, we can reply to you underneath your question as you see I have done.


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