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Methotrexate injection while sick?

Hi. I'm sick with a head/chest cold. I give myself Methotrexate injections at home. I called my rheumatologist's office yesterday but they don't field questions on Friday apparently. Wondering if any of you could help. Do I still give myself the injection today? Do I just skip this week? I've also started a flare up at the same time I came down with the cold. I also take Prednisone and Plaquinel. I live in the states. If I went to the ER, they wouldn't know about the Methotrexate but I'd go home with an antibiotic. I have been running a bit of a fever. Thanks in advance for any help!

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We can't make decisions regarding meds not being medically qualified but do you have walk-in centres that are open at weekends in the US? You really need the proper advice, especially as your also flaring. Ordinarily we're advised not to take or inject MTX if we have colds & viruses so our bodies can fight them but I think it would be best to get checked over anyway, antibiotics won't do anything for a cold or virus but if you have a chest infection it may be necessary. Make sure that if you are prescribed an antibiotic it's one that's ok to take with MTX whilst you finish the course though, some must be avoided as they can increase the toxicity of MTX.

I hope you get the help you need & you get over it soon.

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Thanks for your help, NMH. The Urgent Care would be so expensive, even with insurance. If It gets any worse, I will certainly head that way.


Sorry, I didn't know you had to pay for this type of service. Please do be aware though if your breathing changes or becomes more difficult over the weekend then seek medical advice from somewhere. We can be open to all sorts of nasties on the meds we take.


Hi Mamainacrowd, as nomoreheels said, it is really important that you speak to your rheumatologist about your medication during this period of head/chest cold.



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