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Methotrexate injection


Hi all hope you are all staying safe .I have taken methotrexate. Plus the usual drugs but I wondered if I could start doing my weekly injection in my hip or any place instead of my stomach to make it easier to do thanks Effie

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The advice given to me (and in the paperwork with the injectors) was to alternate between right and left side of stomach and right and left four sites to swop between.

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Same here

My instructions from the Rheumy nurse and Metoject paperwork was the same instructions as Llanberisman. Best to stick with the instructions.

I agree with the others although I do prefer injecting via the stomach area. Just my preference.

Their is another option which is the rear shoulder area but this would require help from another person or unless your a contortionist......

My recollection was tummy or thighs, but alternating each week.

I inject methotrexate in my tummy on Thursdays and Benepali in alternate thighs on Mondays!

If unsure I’d reread the bumf in the injection box or call your Rheumy team x

Same for me - told that the four possible injection sites were stomach and thigh. When I said that I'd prefer thighs she said that it was OK to just use those but to use alternate sides each week.

I inject into my left or right thigh alternating each week. I can also do stomach if I want to but have found it easier to do thigh so have stuck to this

Hi, I've always done my injections in my thighs, wishing you well Carol

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Thanks will try stay safe effie

I inject in my stomach as I found it less painful than my thighs and less bruising.

Hi effie

Did you not get a guide book when you started injecting?

I was instructed to inject stomach and thighs in a rotation. Right thigh, right tummy, left tummy, left thigh. So the skin doesn't get sore. Maybe there is something online to help you work out exactly where to stick the needle. I will go have a look and come back to you OK?

Have you got a leaflet indife your Methotrexate injection box? The one I get has a leaflet inside explaining how and where to inject.

I've only just started injecting (was on tablets before) and, as others advise, will alternate between stomach left and right and thighs left and right. I did left stomach last week and must say, although I was worried about doing it, it was really easy!

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