My recent PIP assessment was done by company called CAPITA

Received a belated information pack in the post this morning from CAPITA giving details on my forthcoming home assessment, which was all a bit late as the assessment was done on the 2nd as you may know from my recent PIP home assessment post. I was obviously mistaken in thinking that I was assessed by a DWP employee. Can't recall my assessor mentioning CAPITA, though he may well have. He did say he was a DWP representative, which I wrongly took to mean that he was a DWP employee. Obviously I wouldn't have got things wrong if I'd received the info pack when I should have.

Anyway, as I explained in my previous related assessment, though very thorough, was conducted in a relaxed, seemingly sensitive manner, which hopefully bodes well for the future. Just hope the government, who pull most of the strings IMO, have learnt from the botch up ATOS made - time will tell I suppose.......

Here's their website if interested.. I'll have a proper look at it when I've got time.

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  • Unless Capita is also now starting to cover their areas now I presume my application will still be dealt with by Atos. Pity, I was just beginning to think they were getting their act together!! I take it then wishy you live in either Central England, Northern Ireland or Wales? I think they're the areas Capita covers at present, unless they've been contracted to also cover some of Atos' regions to help reduce the backlog, I hope so anyway! At least you think you had a positive assessment & again hope you're awarded it without needing to go to appeal. ;)

  • Hi heelsy, Never heard of Capita 'til now. I've heard that the government was looking for someone to take over from Atos, presume it could be Capita?

    Hope Atos have called it a day in your area before your assessment. When did you apply?

    I live in Wales.

  • Not too sure, but I thought when DLA was changing to PIP the was divided between the two & Capita were to manage the three areas I mentioned. I may be wrong here, not having need to apply for benefits before I'm new to it all & someone may well know if that's right.

    I applied back in April but only received the application form in August. Seems the DWP had been checking if I was eligible for it having been out of the UK 11 years, not that anyone let me in on it after many phone calls chasing it up! Needless to say I filled it in quick sticks! They've acknowledged receipt so just the waiting now, ah well. :(

  • I understand that ATOS are still doing assessments until early 2015. They're doing PIP assessments in Scotland, the north of England, London and the south of England. I had mine with ATOS a few days in London - 9 months after first applying. And it will take 4-6 weeks to hear the result. Yes, Heels that's right, Capita just covers central England, Wales and Northern Ireland. A new company is supposed to be taking over ATOS' assessments from early 2015.

  • Oh goody! I stand a chance then if they continue as they have. I just hope that the Company who takes over is more efficient & employs assessors with medical knowledge. Oh & the changeover is a smooth one of course.

  • I thought ATOS covered all of the UK..thanks for the clarification.

    I also applied for PIP in April . May have been assessed a bit earlier but took my time sending the application form, just about made the DWP deadline as I recall.

  • I wouldn't have thought how late you sent it mattered wishy as long as it was within the deadline but you seem to have been fortunate being assessed only 4 months later. I think others have waited quite a bit longer but maybe the ones I've noticed have been dealt with by Atos & not Capita.

    Don't get me wrong, I took my time but was pretty well prepped whilst waiting & had an idea of what to expect from the link a member kindly posted. My h started a list of what I struggled with when I first applied & as any daily difficulty/observation cropped up he added it & I also keep a diary. Both really helped when it came to filling in the form & I don't think much has been omitted though I was a bit taken aback how much was added from the original list. :(

    On a positive note we collect an automatic car next week so at least I'll be able to drive when I want to now. :)

  • They're clearing their backlog. There were waits of 6-12 months a year ago, but it was down to about 2 months by Christmas, in the north of England anyway. I submitted my application in mid-Oct and had my assessment in mid Dec.

  • I thought my assessment was was dealt with quickly compared to others I've read about.

    Enjoy your new you can't wait to join up with the local girl racers for some wheel spins in Asda's car park. :)

  • Ha!

  • hi wishbone i have a home assesment on the 16th of june by capita i am wheelchair bound can you please tell me what kind of questions do they ask what do they ask you to do how long does it take i am very anxious ,

  • I can't remember for the most part. I think the questions were pretty much the same as what's on the application form. They did ask what physical aids I was using. Think the assessment took approx one hour to complete.

    Sorry I can't be of more help, but I'm sure you'll be fine as it wasn't as bad as I feared.

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