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5 very bad days in a row. Really struggling

Today is my 5th day in a row of very high pain levels. The pain is dropping down to around 4/10 at best during the day, but is continually spiking up at 8 and 9. Until now, my worst spikes haven't happened until the evening, from about 6:30 when I get home from work, lasting until around midnight.

Last night however my spike carried on until the early hours of the morning and I spent 4 hours crying solidly with pain. I had to yell at my boyfriend to stop him calling an ambulance he was so worried seeing me in such a state.

Today at work I am struggling so much, my pain is at a constant 5 and spiking higher, and i'm considering asking my boss If I can work from home this afternoon.

I don't know what to do. I still have no pain medication strong enough to touch the pain. I don't see the Rhueumatologist until November. All i've got is codeine, which just isn't strong enough. I can't cope, i'm in SO much pain I don't even know how i'm going to manage to drive home. What do I do? I was there last week and the week before - I feel like I can't go to my GP again, i'm there so often i'm sure they'll ban me! I just need some kind of relief from the pain :(

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Oh Shelly. Go to the doctor, they are paid to help us you know and ring your Rheumy helpline for advice. Feel so sad for you, sending Internet hugs xx


Thanks for the hugs, I really need them today allanah x


(((((((( )))))) some more !,

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I feel greedy now, but a big thank you :) x


Hi ShellyWelly,

so sorry to hear that you are still in so much pain. I have put a link to our article about pain and RA below for you and a link to the Pain Society website:

Hope you can find something to help you there. Don't feel bad about seeing your GP again. It may also be worth asking your GP if there is a pain clinic at your local hospital. Hope you get some relief from the pain soon,

Best Wishes

Beverley (NRAS Helpine)


Thanks Beverley, i've been referred to the pain clinic, another 3 weeks to go until my first appointment though. Thanks x


Patience is definitely a virtue in this game Shelly, hang on in there x

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Definitely back to your GP, they're paid for each patient they see so won't turn you away!! Uncontrolled pain is wearing, I know only too well & just started getting some relief myself with the help of low dose morphine patch. I don't know if your GP prescibed 30/500 co-codamol? If not ask if you could see if that may help, or if he can offer any alternative to get you through the next 3 weeks.


Sounds like to need an emergency GP appointment FAST, maybe you need oramorph?

Or phone your rheumy nurse and get some advice, dont be in too pain much please, there really is no need...

I wish you better and remember that its your GP's job and if your ill you need help and fast.

Love and light x


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