When will I learn

When will I learn that flare ups can happen what ever drugs you are on! I had a tumble on Friday and on Saturday had a very painful hand, my daughter took me to A n E as I thought I'd broken my wrist. I had been put on extra medication so thought it couldn't be RA!!!! Had x-rays and told to attend fracture clinic. I now think it was just RA!!! as pain and swelling have gone down what a fool I feel!!

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  • No, not a fool! It's always best to get a tumble no matter how heavy it is if you have specific pain afterwards, even If it means a good few hours at A&E. It could have been more serious & left untreated may have caused no end of trouble in the future if you have or develop OA.

    Hope it's less sore today.

  • Thanks a lot better today off to fracture clinic tomorrow!

  • Hope nothing's damaged but let us know how it goes.

  • They can see hairline fracture but no plaster thank goodness, just got to wear brace. Thanks for concern. I love nomoreheels as I feel the same! but will be wearing them at my daughters wedding(for a short time) !!

  • That's good news. The only thing I would think, possibly they told you, but be aware if you get increased pain if you knock it or fall on it again as it may now be a weak point & could be subject to fracture if you fall on it again. I don't know if you've had oral steroids of injections but that can of course affect our bone density & so propensity to fractures. Equally if you have osteoporosis.

    I so miss heels, especially when poshed up! I wore some slightly higher wedges at a party last weekend & as usual had to sit before too long & released my feet from them. Three of my friends joined me within minutes & I looked down & they'd all done exactly the same!!

    I hope you have a lovely day for your daughter's wedding. Is it soon?

  • I've got osteoporosis that's why my daughter to a n e and he said to day my bones are very fragile oh the joys!!! My daughter gets married in about 6 weeks and we are off to hen party Saturday a spar day. I miss my heels and cant get rid of them I just look at them now and wear them for special occasions when I can sit down and then take them off. Thanks for your support.

  • Are you prescribed anything to help preserve your bone density? I'm osteopenic borderline osteoporotic & just started risendronate 3 weeks ago (replaced alendronic acid which I started a reaction to) & take Adcal-D3 daily.

    The wedding's not long off then. I hope you have a lovely spa day & your heels are comfy for long enough on the day itself! I've kept some of my faves in the hope that one day.......! Miracles do happen!

  • PS oral steroid I been through a though time and had lots of pain and swelling so was put on them a month ago x

  • Missed your p.s.!

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