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When will i ever learn.........


Went to visit a friend yesterday who was 83yrs old. Anyway we ended up going to the town where she lived as there was something on and her hubby was there in his suit with his beret and medals. Well i didn't take my scooter with me as i didn't expect to have to use it. Well as you can imagine i am in absolute agony this morning.I walked more than i should have and spent more than i should have as well. This morning i was up at 4.30am and i am so stiff and sore.My neck is even stiff this morning and my back and knees are as well. I don't know where to put myself this morning so much so i could cry . I am supposed to go to church this morning as our new British legion standard is being dedicated this morning as my hubby and daughter are going to GP90 in August and they are going to the Menin gate(i might be wrong about this,but i know they are going to Belgium) for five days. So this morning i won't be doing very much at all.xxxx

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Sounds like you've had a busy time Sylvi- we all over do things at times but rest up as much as you can. Hopefully you'll pick up very soon. The sun's out here today - hope it's out for you too.😎

Ohhhhh we are naughty we just get caught up in the moment, and I your friend is up an dancin with her man in his suit and medals just get your feet up now relax in sunshine today we,re are own worst enemy !!!!

Hi Sylvi... I’m exactly the same, although the days where I do have bursts of energy are few and far between at the moment. We forget how we will feel afterwards. It’s good to live in the moment though and enjoy. It’s finding that sweet spot between being care free and careful! I can’t say anything - been there and got the t-shirt 🙂 xxx

Gentle hugs 🤗 are coming your way.

Exactly! When will you ever learn, Sylvi??

Poor you, rest today and be gentle with yourself.


Hi Sylvia ,when you feel okay its just instinct to push yourself but it always comes back to bite us on the bum !Still if we didn't we would vegetate and as they say "If you don't use it you'll lose it "It's knowing our limits we need to master ,hope you feel better soon 😉

Sorry to hear you’re suffering after a visit to a friend. I hope your oh and daughter enjoy their visit to GF 90 in August. I have just booked a holiday cottage for my oh and two dogs in France in November so we can go to the commendations for the 100 year anniversary of the end of WW1. My great uncle is buried near Ypres.

Oh dear - it is so hard to pace ourselves isn’t it? Atm I don’t suffer too much with the pain but after a very hectic 3 weeks the fatigue is really catching up with me. My dil and 23 month old granddaughter from Peru are staying witth us till the end of June so that’s lovely but no chance of much of a rest!

You take care Sylvi and make sure you rest as much as possible- we’ve all been there I’m sure! X

Hi Sylvi oh dear yes we all do the over doing it thing x! Get better soon love the pictures is that a jasmine?

Have a rest old girl. The world will keep on turning without you giving it your bit for a while you know, even though your bit is surely very much appreciated by everybody. Get better quickly.

Thank you all for your lovely words,sadly i don't think i will ever learn,ha ha ha.xxxx

Hi Sylvi, so sorry to read how much you are suffering this am. Hopefully when the pain eases abit you will remember your visit and outing with a smile and then you wont feel bad about pushing yourself too hard. Im sure we all push ourselves too hard but its worth it to achieve something you wanted to or for special memories that make us smile.


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