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I have my pip assessment on Friday and wandered how successful others have been? I don't want to exaggerate my condition but feel the support is necessary so hoping for a good outcome.

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Had mine in May didn't exadurate anything told them and show them as it is. They see you being genuine they look for exa durations I got advanced care low mobility.


I got turned down and I am now having a reconsideration don't go on your own I lost point for arriving in a taxi unaccompanied I was 2 points short that was in feb they have been looking again at my claim 11 weeks hope you go on ok

Don't exaggerate, but do make sure the assessor is clear about how you are affected on your worst days. Mine saw me on a goodish day and I got enhanced care with standard mobility. RA isn't my only condition and I am in fact housebound 90% of the time, my GP has written a report to support this now and I am waiting for the outcome of this further evidence. To save yourself that trouble please do make sure they understand, and if there's time get supporting evidence from your GP - my Rheumatology report just gave my DAS score which their nurses interpreted to give enhanced rate care, they made a note saying it didn't give a clear indication of mobility, my GPs report includes observations made over the last 2 years. I realise it's tomorrow so it might be a bit late but if it's possible do try. My GP surgery has charged £15 +VAT - money I think is very well spent.

I would absolutely agree with Junebee, do not go alone - unless you really are easily fit and mobile - it will almost guarantee a very low mobility scoring. If you need a blue badge then you need a minimum of 8 points on your mobility rating.

either way, good luck for tomorrow, be clear, do not try to 'cope' explain how bad it really is.

Can you remember any of the questions and things they asked?

Thanks all for your responses.

I'm nowhere near having an assessment yet, in fact only received a text this morning to say they'd received my application form but nevertheless well prepared for what will come if I'm fortunate enough up to get to that stage. This may help you prepare for yours


Good luck & let us know how you think it went.

i had to go through my day, and my week - she was a bit naughty because she 'checked' i was managing some kind of social life, we (my husband & I) explained that he took me out once a month to friends - she wrote that i socialise with friends regularly and didn't mention that i didn't do this on my own.

really all questions were about what i did and how i managed it, i told it how it was and unfortunately the assessor decided i didn't really need any of the care component, which is why i then sent in the letter from my rheumatologist with my DAS score on it (5.9) and they instantly amended it to enhanced rate care.

think about:

do you need help getting your many meds out of the blister packs, do you use a reminder box (I use anabox week)

can you cut up vegetables and therefore make a fresh meal

how easy do you find washing you hair.

for the physical assessment i had to stand and raise my arms, then grip her fingers.

you will be observed opening/closing your bag, picking things up, opening your diary. anything that shows how you move.

DO take any medical evidence you have then check with the DWP that it was entered with the report you gave.

I don't want to make you worry, just ensure you do not downplay anything in order to prove you can 'manage', be it incontinence, washing yourself in the bath, anything. pride is not important, laying all the grisly true facts of your condition is.

good luck with it all.

Hi SianLouise, I wanted to check in and see how your day had gone. Hopefully everything went well and you can now relax and wait for the outcome. best wishes, ema

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