Hydroxtchloroquine and low glucose levels

Hi im on day 2 of my new medication of 200mg a day of hydroxtchloroquine. And today I feel I can't stop eating. Im eating every 2 hours cos I start to feel hungry, starving even. I'm wondering if this new drug is lowering my blood glucose levels. I woke up feeling tired. And felt it all day really. But the hunger is driving me nuts I don't know what to eat next. Anyone felt the same.

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  • Hiya Pipcat. We all get the munchies now & again, I am tonight & just worked my way through a tube of After Eight in 10 mins! ..... but it's possible that hydroxychloroquine is dropping your blood sugar levels & it's something that should be reported to your GP. I had a blip when I first started on them & it was my GP's first thought so best get it checked out, particularly as you're new to it.

  • Forgot... meant to ask if anything was done about your trigger finger? Only ask as my GP said mine wasn't TF about 4 months ago & my Rheumy confirmed it was & in a pretty bad way by 3 months later when I showed it to my Rheumy & so prepared me for the possibility of an op. She gave me a 25mg hydrocortisone injection & that released it within a couple of days & it's been fine since, that was at the end of last month. If your still being ignored have another go at them, it's no fun when it sticks completely!

  • Hi I'm on week 3 of taking it and I've not stopped eating and I'm really craving fast food esp KFC and chocolate I'm going to talk to my rummy when I go back

  • I took a picture of my trigger finger yo my rheumy appointment last week. She had a play with the finger. Said nothing really. I have 4 fingers now that trigger. She gave me a steroid injection and this new hydroxtchloroquine to start. And upped the methotrexate to 20mg and folic acid to 10 mg. I have stopped all the vitamin supplements as I thought they might be affecting the meds

  • So was the steroid injection for trigger finger or somewhere else? My Rheumy asked me to try & straighten it & attempted to move it herself & then poked & pressed in a circular motion at the base on my finger on my palm & said there was a nodule & the tendon sheath was very tight. It was then she asked if she could inject it for me! Could she ever!! Not pleasant but worth it for the relief & release of it. Maybe I was lucky that it had been locked for a couple of days before seeing her, only releasing three times but it was well & truly locked when she saw it. Keep on at both your GP & your Rheumy about them, if they had it they'd be sorting it!!

    Have you mentioned to your GP or Rheumy about which vitamins you've been taking? Really it's best to as they know which would be of benefit & prescribe the ones which are necessary. It's not really a good thing to take some without their knowledge as some can interact with RD meds. Apart from daily Adcal-D3 & 5mg six times a week I take mine through a healthy balanced diet & my GP approves rather than supplements & for me that seems fine as my levels are generally good. It may be that you could get some checks done to see if there are any need boosting.

  • The injection was in the butt cheak. It was to help with the intence pain I have in the wrists and ancles. Will tell them about my vitamina I take

  • I hope the injection helps ease your pain & if you talk through which vitamins you take & what you're taking each for they should be able to tell you which may be useful or even which you would absorb naturally in your diet.

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