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Well hopefully will get new knee replacement soon well the patella anyway

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Good news. Is the waiting list long?


Not sure yet Hun as I think he wants to do another arthroscopy to see the damage then he knows what sort of replacement he will so I think it is the kneecap he is replacing I can't understand though why I had to have a hip X-ray and a MRI on my lower back ?? And he mentioned an injection in my back which I'm dreading x


May checking other areas as I think hip and back issues can cause knee problems. Are you having back pain? Another thought is when you have your knee replaced they numb the leg by using a nerve block in your back. These are problematic if a patient has back degeneration. I have this and when I was in labour with my son they sent a senior anaesthetist to do my epidural. My back is knackered but luckily my knees are ok! Lol hope it all goes well for you x


Thanxs hun no idea of when he's gonna do it yet I'm back to see him on the 22 nd sept the week after we come back from hols I've had my MRI on lumbar spine last fri had hips xrayed weds I'm dreading having an injection in my back though I think he wants to do another arthroscopy to,see if the damage has got worse ??? Because he said the last resort would be the kneecap replacement xx


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