think i will,

i am thinking of going and getting a cushion to put on the floor for my feet, with me being on my lap top a lot more, i am finding i am putting my feet on my toes, i am only 5ft1 ,i find when i sit i put my feet on their toes so i can feel the floor,, my feet/toes aren't too bad at the moment but i am thinking a head, am i doing the right thing? what do you guys think,?xxx

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  • Hiya Gwen. I use a laptop & a tablet depending on how my fingers are behaving & I'm a little taller than you at 5'4'" so my feet do reach the floor but I found I was having real problems with my neck & shoulders. My physiotherapist suggested using one of those trays with a cushion attached underneath as it lifts the laptop a little higher so i don't hunch over so much. I found one in Dunhelm Mill go for about £5 & it's definitely helped. Oh & I'd be wary of having to stretch your toes too much. My RD problems started in my feet & stretching/bending them or my toes is nigh on impossible so try not to place them in an unnatural position for any length of time.

    Hope you're still feeling as good today. x

  • hi flower i have put a pillow behind me and i find that my feet touch the floor without me being on my toes, i have one of them table things too so i will try that as well thank you flower.

  • If you generally have problems having sitting having to sit too far back in a chair & your legs dangle maybe one of this type of cushion will be more comfy

    We bought one for my m-i-l as she was only 5ft nothing & looked like a little child sitting in our lounge chairs & this brought her forward & supported her better. She always said she had ducks disease, her bum was too near the ground, bless her!

  • thank you flower, it looks so snuggly :) might just have to invest in one :)

  • I sit on the edge of my armchair with laptop on a small table. It hurts my back, but nowhere else to use it. :-(

  • try one of them table things that nomoreheels has suggested it might help flower,

  • Hi Gwen,

    I suppose a poof/ foot stool is one answer, but I have a reclining chair (which I had before RD). I can just raise the leg support a little which raises my feet off the floor and not touching anything at all. I know this is the opposite to what you are asking, but it's wonderful having my painful feet not touching anything at all, no pressure. June x

  • Get a couple of old mail order catalogues (the big thick ones), put them together and cover them with fabric. They make a really great foot rest.

  • i have found an old pillow and i am using that for the time being, last few nights i have had acing feet, but i have been out walking with the camera club i have had a warmish bath, i have also been a bad girl and had a pint and a glass of wine,

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