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Aggressive RA

Hi fellow sufferers saw my Rheumy yesterday such a nice Dr., after going through my blood test results & X-Rays he has now confirmed the I have Aggressive Rheumatiod Arthritis & have now been put on a course of Methotrexate 7.5mg once a week for 4 weeks to see if I have any adverse reactions if all OK then 10mg once a week until I see him again in 3months also prescribed were Folic acid tablets. Heard so many reports of reactions to Methotrexate I hope all goes well with mine. on the X-Ray It shows both my Thumbs are worn out & both Big Toes are badly affected. Seems ironic that I have worked with my hands as a Mechanic for these passed 44 years now as I have retired so it seem have my Thumbs.

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Good luck and hope you don't have any problems with the Methotrexate. I start on 7.5mg on Monday with folic acid two days after. Rheumatologist is going to step it up by 2.5mg every two weeks until I reach 15mg.


Many thanks BaldyBeaver for your kind wishes I also send you the same, seems as though we are both Methotrexate virgins. Let's hope we can both tolerate the dosage. Good luck!!


hi flower, you are on the same as me meds i mean, i have been told i have to take 6 tablets once a week 2.5mg, and also folic two days later, some people do have different reaction, they make me very sleepy the next day, so that is why i take them on a night time, i hope you are good with them let us all know how you get on. when are you taking your first lot?


Hi mate, I have been on mtx for a month now and I'm on 15mg and 5mg of folic acid the day after. I have been put straight on to the injections though and have no experience of the tablets. So far so good and the only thing bothering me is that I'm absolutely shattered most days. I just hope that it's the meds and I'll get used to it as I'm a Prison Officer and spend 13 hours a day on my feet (that's where my RA is) and at 44 have a few years to do yet before retirement! Good luck with it, I'm sure you will be fine.


I'm on MTX as well as a bucketful of other drugs. Initially, I was a bit nauseous, but that quickly stopped. Bear in mind that the majority of people for whom MTX is life- changing, enabling them to carry on as before, don't post on this site. For those people, it is well- tolerated and highly effective. So, I do hope you are one of those.

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If you find any nausea or brain fog, try taking your MTX at night, either at supper or before bed. I usually don't notice any side effects the next day and am on 25mg, plus a handful of other things.


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