Swings and Roundabouts

I was wondering why my ankles hurt so much today, I took my sock off, and as well as swelling all around the back of my ankle i've got two egg sized puffy bumps on my ankle bone and immediately below this.

I'm totally freaked out by it! After a few days with my levels down around 2 or 3, they've shot up this afternoon and i'm drugged up to the eyeballs again. really struggling to continue typing...an hour till work is done for the week though.

3 more damn months of this! It will be November before I see the Rheumy again and in the meantime, my GP doesn't want to put me on any meds that will affect the scan i'm having next month, which I totally understand.

On the upside, the swimming is going amazingly well. I have an obsessive personality which is a good thing when it comes to training, 56 lengths this morning, best yet and doing lots more front crawl too which is good. Swings and roundabouts eh?

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  • It's so frustrating isn't it. I admire your tenatious managing of work. I did take some time off as it did manage to reduce the swelling. However I did talk to my manager and my occupational health who wee amazing and I was allowed a chair with raised legs when I needed it, a rest break as necessary and a new trolley instead of carrying. There is advice on the nras site for employees and employers which is good. I found being honest with mine a great help, but I suspect it depends on the employer. You are protected by law when working with long term conditions, do look at the website or call the helpline for more advice . Xx

  • Thanks allanah, yes very frustrating. Nearly made it through the week though! Goodness knows how! lol

    I work for a very small creative agency so we don't have occupational health or anything like that, and my role is rapidly expanding so i'm going to have to take on a junior soon, which is good, and might allow me to delegate more which would mean that i'm more able to take breaks and still get through everything I need to.

    I've still not really had an official diagnosis for my main health problems, it's just suspected at this stage, so I don't feel able to give my employer much information in case it turns out to be wrong. He knows i'm not well as i've had to have loads of hours off for appointments, but i've kept the extent of it under wraps. I'll have another proper talk to him in November when I hopefully, finally find out what's going on :)

    Have a lovely weekend x

  • Good idea , wait till you know for sure!! Good luck and yes a junior might be a great help!

  • Swings and roundabouts are so much more positive than helter- skelters! Very impressed by your swimming. Is it possible that you have overdone it?

  • lol very true! I always overdo it Jora, as I find it almost impossible to rest unless i'm forced too but I am learning and getting better... :)

  • Mm, sounds like me. I always say that I have two speeds: flat out, and flat out. Ie; a). as fast as one can go which, admittedly, is a lot slower these days and b). lying on the bed. I'm not so good at the in between stuff. Pacing? What's that :)

  • Hi Jora lol that's a good one - flat out or flat out, love it! hahahaha glad it's not just me then! I don't have patience but i've usually got, or should I say used to have, lots of energy. I just keep going until there is nothing left, then collapse in a heap and can't move for an hour as i'm just so worn out.

    Think it would do us some good to learn moderation and to take some rests?!! I'm just so used to being like the Duracell bunny, and mega-active and busy all the time - takes a lot of adjusting doesn't it this being poorly lark?

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