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Hi not been on for sometime but been reading all your blogs. Not made any comments you all seem to be adding views I would have put. Still out of work and no hope of going back. At first I felt depressed and on the scape heap but now don't want to go back to work, this life of retirement and getting up and doing what I want is great. Worked all my life, let someone else do it. These people who want to work till 80 must be mad, I know I don't have any money to speak of but I have my freedom. My RA is still the same, two shoulder and hip replacements, may need my knees doing as I can't walk far. Have to use a wheelchair to get about. Have to go, be back blogging soon.

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  • Hi Beeper. Good for you! - if you get lemons it's great to make lemonade if you possibly can. I agree that working until 80 would be awful unless you really love your work which some people do of course. Sorry your RA just keeps on going though. Warmest, Twitchy

  • It's lovely to hear from you. I'm glad 'retirement' suits x c

  • Happy retirement Beeper. I certainly won't be working until I'm 80. Will be lucky if I get to 50 and still be working as am 41 and struggling now. Enjoy the freedom x

  • Good on you! What is guilt for? I think you have enough to cope with pain without adding guilt to it! You enjoy your retirement!

  • great to have you back and enjoying your life inspite of you RD.

  • Good luck to you, I stupidly worked to the age of 67 in a low paid job thinking that I was invincible, when I was diagnosed with R/A and spinal damage, I was forced to retire because I cannot walk more than 30yds,the pain is bad, not entitled to any benefits with the exception of a "blue badge" the cost of mobility scooters are out of my league, just wish I could turn the clock back, my R/A was diagnosed when I was 63 but I continued to work, my advice to anybody under the age of 65 is think hard, benefits are no longer available over retirement age.

  • Hi thanks to everyone who as read and replied to my blog. Will keep reading all yours and if I can pass on any advice I will. I have suffered since 97 so I some experience to pass on.

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