Well hello everyone, i'm back. My poorly laptop has been fixed and i'm here to annoy,cheer,or moan. I have missed you all. It has felt like i had had my right arm chopped off.

I am still having problems with my breathing,am off the mtx for the time being. Waiting to hear from hospital about when or if i can restart the mtx.

I have to go to hospital on the 24th of this month. this is for my knee,so hopefully after that i will have a date for when they will do the operation.

I will keep this short as i will read and answer all blogs and questions.

Missed you all so much.


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  • :D

    Welcome back Hun!!!!

    (Fingers are bad so deleted previous comments as lots of errors - sorry)

    Sci x

  • Welcome back Sylvi, I've missed reading your updates x

  • Was a litle concerned, was worried you was stranded somewhere on your buggy with the cold weather ...

  • Only you pete would say that!! i have to say that made me and my grace laugh.


  • Hehhe, thing is I could post all sorts about ailments, pains etc but I chose not too as there are many worse off here than me.

    I prefer to put a smile on someones face, even better a chuckle :)

  • I'm just glad to be back,i have missed you too. Don't say sorry for making mistakes mate,we all do it.


  • SYLVI, YOU'RE BACK!!! Welcome back, I'm sure you must know how much you were missed.

    So it was the hard drive that had to be replaced? Then did you loose files in the old one? I would be crushed to ahve that happen, it's like loosing your lifeline to not be on your computer!

    Catch you later! Love, Loretxx

  • Welcome back Sylvi, it's not been the same without you. Glad you're back xx

  • Only problem now is ...we wont get a word in edgeways lol

  • Ha ha pete. I have missed the banter.

  • Hi Sylvi, glad you have got the laptop sorted out. It must have been all that blogging - poor thing just gave up! LOL. Mine also threw a wobbly this morning and I couldn't get any e mails in or out. So switched it off and left it for about 30 minutes and it is now fine.

    Hope you are ok and things will go well on the 24th,

    I have just gone back onto Slimming world and Himself is on it too - actually because I am but he is getting more filling and nicer meals. I have lost 4 lbs already. He grumbles that if I am on a diet he is too but he does need to lose some weight.

    Sorry to hear the breathing still isn't right but give it time - you have had a really bad "do" over the last few weeks and it will take you a much longer time to recover. Keep warm and well tucked up in this bitter weather,.

    Love LavendarLady x

  • LL,my laptops hard drive was faulty,the nice man didn't charge me as it was the hard drive that he had put in that was out of order,he sent it back and got a new one. He has been great with me. I hope that this time it will stay fixed.

    I have missed you and all the others on here.

    The weather here is very cold,hasn't been above freezing all week. Today i had to go to the doctors and it was the first time in weeks that i have been out on my scooter. I had a blanket round me to keep me warm. It was as much as i wanted to do today. I love watching the snow come down,but i don't like the cold afterwards.

    I will have to lose weight as i have piled it on since xmas. My knee is not getting any better,i will be glad when its over and i can start getting back walking and losing weight.

    Love. sylvi. xx

  • Welcome back.. xx

  • Thank you, i have missed you all. xx

  • Welcome back Sylvi TTxx

  • Thank you, how are you getting on,i have been reading blogs, i just couldn't log in on the upstairs computer.


  • Good to see you back again Sylvi:-}

    Cece x

  • Thank you,i've missed you all. xx

  • Welcome back, was getting worried , missed urpresence. Xxx gina

  • My laptop is now healthy,thats more than can be said for me!! I have missed this place so much,it surprised me i can tell you. I was able to read the blogs on the upstairs computer,but it wouldn't let me log in. I'm really glad to be back.

    Love sylvi.xx

  • Well scouser i am strange i have to say. Its nice to be back. xxxxx

  • Welcome back to the land of blogging Sylvi, you were missed

  • Thank ypou mads, how are you doing? xx

  • Welcome back It is so nice to see your cheery face and comments I have missed your comments

  • Hope your laptop doctor has done the repair right this time so you don't have more problems. And hope chest finally clears up soon - though this weather isn't helping any. Stay warm. Polly

  • Hi Sylvi .... So glad your back not the same without you xx

  • Glad you are back sylvie and the laptop is fixed, hope they fix your chest next!


  • Up and raring to go.xx

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