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Coming of Tramadol

The weeks are passing now but still on the last 50mg tablet.

Had chest infection thrush and now laid up with a cold :(

But as soon as I am well going to carry on trying to get of it :)

Mavis tried to find you as I know you and nomoreheels have been so kind while this has been going on. Don't know we're the messages go think I am eating them lol.

Hope everyone had a good & feeling well weekend. Rose

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Nearly there! Bound to be feeling rubbish after the infections, so well done for keeping going.


I'm sure she'll be around Rose, she was on here a few days ago. I replied to your pm this morning so hope you get that.


Hi Rose, sorry, haven't been feeling well, a few problems with side effects of humira.

Sorry you've been so unwell, hope you are feeling better today.

Don't worry, you will get there. Bet you never dared to hope you'd get down to one when you started this epic journey!!!

Just one more step and you'll be there!

Thinking of you. Mavis xx


Sorry to hear you've be unwell too Mavis. Hope you're feeling the better side of rubbish now. x


Thanks nmh, feeling rubbish, really low, hope I can get through. I had such optimism about humira, having failed with rituximab and enbrel.

Am getting to the point of dreading the next injection, had it on Monday, and feeling awful, stomach cramps, nausea and diarrhoea. Pain still there, expecially hands and wrists.

Don't usually moan, but can't find a cheery word! M x


I'm really sorry it's got you so down. No, it's not like you but you have good reason to be a grumpy bonce. Have you reported your problems to your Rheumy nurse? Maybe something could be prescribed to at least reduce these side effects along the lines of taking folic acid with MTX. Sorry I know only what I've learnt on here about Humira so not even sure if there is anything but suppose you could only ask, it must be so wearing. Remember to try & keep hydrated though & keep cozy. I hope it's just your body playing up to a new med. Sending positive thoughts. x


Hi Pauline just a quickey my phone playing up don't know if you will get this :(

I am still ok hope your feeling pain free. Get this sorted and be in touch. Rose x


Hi Mavis thank you for getting back to me.

Hope your getting sorted now side affects grrrr sort one thing and it starts another. I am now on my 3rd lot of antibiotics for my chest drives me mad :(

Any way just staying on the one tablet till I am well so to speak again. That's the doctors advice was hoping be of them by now.

No I never thought I would get this far but not giving in just delaying :)

Hope you master the side affects take care Thank you again Rose x


Thanks Rose M x


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