Did anyone else get a HU Tshirt?

I understand that 150 of these were sent out to people who responded to a recent survey. I'm a little gutted that my Large T shirt is a bit on the tight side and squashes my boobs flat as pancakes. There's a competition to win an ipad for sending in a selfie wearing said T shirt but I don't know if I could live with the shame of being pictured in my new boob tube :-(

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  • No !! Bet it wouldn't got me either ha ha xx

  • My daughter who's a size 8/10 tried it and it's only a little big on her. I think I should of asked for an XXL :-( Feeling fat

  • Don't ! free shirts aren't worth worrying about !

  • Don't fret Paula - don't quite remember (surprise surprise) as it wasn't "important" but think I filled in womans M & received an L. Now being as I'm a 10/12 depending on make & not well endowed it's a just a on me so no way true to size!!! Guess that's why they sent an L. I can't even do the selfie to post to enter the comp as I don't do facebook so feel robbed!! Can't you do a bit of photoshop'ing & put your head on your daughter's bod lol? Second thoughts, that would be cheating!!! One thing occurred to me, why does it just say Healthunlocked & not Healthunlocked.com, surely that would have been better advertising, spelling out the website? Can you tell I worked for a promotions company once!!?

  • Maybe you'd win if the judges are all men and you got it wet!!

  • I may get my dog to pose in it!

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