This is looking a strange topic I know, but I have just bought a cordless vacuum cleaner and it has changed my life (in respect of cleaning that is) . My upright cleaner was giving me problems as it was rather heavy and difficult for someone with dodgy joints to handle. This new one is wonderful, I can lift it easily and it moves around corners and underneath some furniture really well. Emptying is a doddle and I feel in control.

Didn`t think I would enjoy cleaning, but what a difference

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  • I have had the same experience! And I have a microfibre spray mop which makes cleaning hard floors a doodle.

  • Not strange at all, it's a real problem for many of us. I did exactly the same myself for the very same reason, I posted here about it This is Admin Victoria's post mentioned in my post, lots of helpful replies.

    Ours a great little machine & we've since bought the hand held version which is particularly good for the stairs when the brush attachment is used. I can now vacuum the carpets if not every day then every other day, necessary with 2 moulting dogs & it makes me feel better, not being able to keep a clean home made me feel slovenly now I'm visitor ready!!I To any able bodied person this would seem ott but I hope you find yours as life-changing!

  • Not surprised at all. My old vacuum 'died' and very foolishly I replaced it with a cylinder Dyson that has super suction - unfortunately the suck is so powerful I can hardly move it and the hose tube that you push with is too thick to hold comfortably.

    I'm still using it from time to time with all the vents open so that it is on minimum suck and I don't ever have the carpet brushes down.

    My son moved into a new flat and gave me back a Henry that I had given him years ago so I've been using it recently. Same arrangement, vent open and I raise the brushes when I do carpets and put them down on other surfaces.

    My son bought himself a lovely Miele vacuum, small and neat but when I tried using it, the suction was so powerful that again I couldn't move it over his floor. My previous vacuum was a SEBO K2 (or something like that) cylinder and although I didn't know it at the time it was just perfect for me.

    Who would ever have thought that something you take for granted like vacuuming could be so difficult!

  • I agree catwoman, I bought a rechargeable Dyson wand and it is amazing. Floors get done regularly now. 😀

  • When we renovated the house one option was to put in central vacuum cleaning, so you just carry a hose from room to room and pop it into a socket. Sadly the budget meant we had to make some hard choices, and that one didn't make it in. I still regret it, especially when lugging the £&@* cleaner up the stairs. I hate cleaning so much! Such a waste of energy.

  • OH HELIX HELIX...... lugging it upstairs ??? get another one and keep it upstairs, hon. hope you are settling in to la belle france - where are you btw. we are devastated here in Ulster at the mo re the news of antony foley's death. is yours a Munster man?

  • I have a cheaper solution...I rarely hoover upstairs! Wood floors and dog's not allowed up the stairs so if I take my glasses off it seems just fine.

  • even better lol xx

  • I have a Sebo downstairs and its heavy but very good so got a Bosch cordless one upstairs. I'm lucky and have a huge walk in airing cupboard to put it in. In real terms its powerful and quiet too. I'd still prefer someone else to clean but hey ho not going back to work to pay for one. lol xx

  • Not a strange topic at all. I have been wondering if I should treat myself to one, so your comment is very helpful. Usually, we have Dysons and my husband likes his Henry, but I was looking at a Shark Rocket and wondering ...

  • I've got Dyson v6 cordless. Best thing ever

  • have one sitting here but too heavy 4me so got a luvly cleaner called Marta just 2 hrs a week but such a difference,

  • A cleaner would be nice. But then I'd feel I had to clean up before she came as I couldn't bear someone else seeing the house at its worst!

  • oh Em u need to loosen up and sit back hon. how's about you choose 1or 2 rooms for her to do first eg kitchen and bathroom and keep other doors closed. then next week get her to do sitting room and stairs just. working that way u don't hav 2 stress abt what s/he can't see.

    in another thread u are worrying re 'to mtx or not'. u may have seen me rant abt them taking mine away cos gp asked for x-ray etc etc. I WAS WRONG so sorry gp rheumy chest consultant... turns out i have minimal bronchiectiasis so i'm off mtx permanently and abt 2 start sulfsalazine instead. BUT THE MTX WORKED WELL 4ME as injections - easy done even with my hands. so i hope u give it a try and that it works 4u. just keep an eye out for coughs etc. take care xx

  • Thanks, GranAmie. I'm hoping that the SSZ will work, but it is early days yet. I do have concerns about my lungs because Naproxen and Ibuprofen affect them and they don't seem to have lung issues as one of their common side effects, whereas MTX does.

    My RA is only very early, so I'm not suffering as many are at this time. A few days ago I put together a list of all the ways my life has been affected though, and I can see now why I feel down about my life at the moment. I'm hoping that once the SSZ has had time to work that I can regain some kind of control in my life. At the minute, everything seems to be on the slide!

    Hope you get on well with the SSZ. My rheumatologist said it is less well tolerated than MTX but can be just as effective. I seem to tolerate it OK, but it has affected my appetite.

  • bless and thanks. if it reduces my appetite that'd be great tho' i got a steroid injection yesterday so i'll be eating for 3 if i'm not careful , and speaking in tongues again. when igot hi dose in 1999 for pmr 2get me 2 daughter's gradn as chiropractor my french german an russian all popped tp the top/front of my brain, great fun at the dinner and 4 c/words but i was manic lol. as u can see the jab hasnt done much for my fingers yet but am walking cautiously. i'm a newbie ish too diagnosed 2015 at 72 so really shdn't moan when i see all the youngsters with it. is it u who works in HE/FE as i did.. take care xx

  • Yes, it is me who works in FE ... and I'm really looking forward to half-term next week. The pressure is always on for the first term, but we are getting there now.

    This is an awful thing to have, whatever age we are. But I don't know how younger folk cope. It seems so unfair. At least my kids are grown up now (well, kind of).

    A chiropractor sounds a very useful profession to have in the close family!

  • yes til dreadful esp 4 working and young folks. daughter great help - diagnosed pmr in 99 b4 gp and consultants, and fter treating me in early 2016 4 swimming accident chased me 2get bloods done she already but wanted gp 2see. i wish u best of luck and best possible health xx

  • Hi catwoman

    I would love to know what make you got. At the moment my sons are doing most of cleaning , which is good of them but would like to do it myself. I have a miele which i find quite heavy and the cord hard to pull out.

  • I couldn't vacum my house due to the same problem ( vac too heavy ) I had a dyson My daughter had to do it for me. I then bought a Gtech and it is wonderful, very light, cordless, and a small one for the stairs. It has really helped enormously, I now have got back a little independence, with lots of other jobs I can't do ( such as ironing ) it is mentality helpful.

  • I bought the GTech when I had surgery on my wrist...I can use it with my left had easily & carry it upstairs.& it does a very good job.

    Unfortunately I had already bought both an upright Dyson...too heavy & a Dyson hand held one...but that only lasts about 10 minutes per I really have to get a shift on to vacuum the stairs....really wish I had waited & bought the GTech small one...but reckon 3 cleaners is a bit over the top- let alone 4!

  • We now have both AC, bought the upright one first about 2 years ago & was impressed so bought the hand held even though we already had one, but it's not cordless & too heavy for me to handle. The Gtech hand held is much lighter & does a far better job, I get 30 mins per charge out of mine. Get your obsolete ones on eBay & treat yourself to the Gtech one, the tools are easy to attach & remove too, as are the bin & filters.

  • Yes I too bought a Dyson V6 cordless (cat and dog version) and it's brilliant. Not cheap but well worth it- no more aching shoulder and hand joints or heaving the vacuum cleaner upstairs!

  • I bought a Bosch cordless a couple of months ago, it's just brilliant. I still have my old corded vax and a Miele which I used upstairs, I haven't used either since. They are just so heavy. Time to get rid of them.

  • I also did the same a dyson cordless. Only thing I did was buy another charging station and it stays upstairs. So when it runs out of power I don't need to worry where I am or have the need to return downstairs

  • I have just bought new one 2 dyson v6 what a difference it makes well impressed got my pip back so treated my self well my husband he does cleaning but I have tried and it's easy to take parts on and of as well I couldn't change pipes on the other defanetly disabled friendly

  • I bought the Dyson Animal 4(I think,).... But it has two filters & getting them out to clean them is a nightmare!

    Anyone got any tips to remove the filters with Rheumy hands?

  • I'm lucky really as my husband will be doing all that bit had it 3 days it wasn't spinning yesterday me and daughter got really long hair was all tangled 😫But it does pick up well will just have to keep up with removing hair lol

  • Bought the Gtec air ram as a pressie for my self, as the heavy dyson was just too much. The Gtec cleans just as well and much quicker but the main thing is I'm not as exhausted

    What a sad subject but I try to pull my weight around the house.

    Regards Mike

  • We wanted that one but didn't know anyone that ad tried it your right it feels heavey wen trying use it small but ok pushing along floor

  • I too had problems. Treated myself to 2 cordless vacs off Amazon. One is upstairs the other is down.

  • Gtec give 30 days trial period if you don't like it they say they will refund payment.


  • Great recommendation! My hubby is my vaccuum cleaner, so I won't rush to get a new one :) I must be feeling better because I am starting to voluntarily sweep our floor (that's normally his job too). It's great when you can ENJOY cleaning. :)

  • Enjoy! Are you a masochist?

  • I've swept my house for about 4 times in 9 years of marriage (hooray!), so perhaps there is just the enjoyment of new experience? lol :D I'll make sure to stop before he thinks he's gotten himself out of a chore!

  • Yeah - We just bought a Dyson cordless too and my hubby is having a great time vacuuming everything... ha ha They are wonderful!

  • Another Dyson cordless owner here. It is absolutely marvellous. Sometimes when my hand aches a lot the trigger squeeze hurts, but I couldn't be without the dear thing now. Can't recommend highly enough.

    The other half has an extremely hairy dog and I vacuum at least twice a day (sometimes more), of course my darling dog doesn't drop hair!!

  • My mother has PMR and finds vacuuming extremely difficult. I've lost count of how many vacuums she's bought in her quest to find one light enough to manage but without a suction too powerful for her to use. She also has arthritis in her hands so holding the trigger down continually is out of the question. If we can find the ideal one for her it would be great - she's too independent to allow anyone to do it for her.

  • It is a problem but I've been so impressed the Gtech & as Matalow (above) says if you buy it direct from the manufacturer you have a 30 day money back trial. I'm 5'4" & the on/off button comes to about half way up my thigh so no bending to turn it on or off & it's not a trigger type.

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