Bye bye car :-(

Hi everyone i havn't wrote for a while but i do read posts every day. Well the time has come , this time next week my car will have to sit on the drive. The tax is up & it needs some repairs on the engine which i cant afford either. Thats another bit of my inderpendence gone! Luckly the bus stop for the hospital is at the end of our road £4.00 return which i dont mind as my parking was £3.50 a time. If only i had been put in the support group for esa. O i do feel realy down at the moment :-(. Moan over xx Alison

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It's a horrible situation to be in but at least you're fortunate that the bus stop is so close & as you've worked out the costings will probably save you in the long run so actually could be a win win with not paying road tax & fuel Don't forget to get a SORN certificate though or it could cost you! Winter would be the problem for me waiting in the cold & rain & we're one road back from the prom so the wind is hellish, but things may change by the time the nasty weather comes for you. We're in the process of looking for an automatic at the mo as I have difficulty with changing gear & clutch control especially in slow moving traffic but it's finding one within our budget with a reliable automatic box that's big enough for us & three large dogs, not easy! Public transport isn't an option for us as we both have difficulty walking any distance & it's not so much getting to the bus stop but when we get off. :(


I am lucky to have bus stop by me but its a 2 bus journey. Like you i am uncomfortable when driving especialy turning my neck towards the right. Think if we are not disabled enough to recieve mobililty component we should get some sort of financial help to keep us independent. Xx Alison

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Couldn't agree more Alison. I just take my neck issues (cervical spondylitis) as read & forget that it's an issue with driving got used to relying on mirrors & rarely physicially check behind me as it's simply not possible so not ideal considering blind spots. We ensured when we got the new car last year it had parking sensors & that helps enormously when reversing in particular. I'm sure I wouldn't receive mobility & should apply (both h & I) for a Blue Badge but we live in an area with a high population of elderly people (I'm 54!!) & believe they're clamping down on the amount issued lately so haven't bothered applying as yet but yes it would be helpful to get some financial help. I have applied for a PIP form & if I ever receive the damned thing & be fortunate to receive the benefit it will be so helpful to help in my daily probs.


I had to get rid of my manual car last year and I found a renault scenic. No keys, no gear changing, BAGS of room, lots of secret storage compartments, relatively light steering. I paid £2,600 for it. It was from a garage but I suspect you could get it cheaper if you found one privately.


We sold our LHD & bought a RHD Vauxhall Zafira for when we were travelling back with the dogs returning to the UK & that was a good size. It was a good car & couldn't get over how economical after the 4 x 4 as it was a diesel & never had diesel before but changed it for an Alfa Romeo Sportwagon (estate) which we both love, equally economical but is a manual. Keyless too but I keep dropping the blasted diggle & one of these days it'll stop working lol! H wants something a little more sporty, with some ummpphh he says like the Alfa, a bit less of a family car...... men!!! I just want something big enough for all of us that's reliable & easy to drive lol.


Thats what i drive 55 plate. Its been lovely to drive. It failed its 1st mot last year & since then it seems everything is giving up on it :-( . XxAlison


I've not been diagnosed with anything yet, but am on ESA with all sorts going on! So when my poor car died a month or so back I couldn't do anything about it. I wasn't the only one relying on it as I have been taking my sister and brother in law shopping and to docs and hospital because he had a severe stroke eighteen months ago. They've bought me another car which I get today, as they're stranded more or less now. I was worried that I'd have to stop driving because my doc thinks I've had a series of mini strokes but as they were more than a month back it's OK. I hate being in this position, unable to work, no proper diagnosis, no money. I've been called back to the stroke clinic tomorrow for MRI results and next stop is neurology.

Sorry to have taken so long to get to the point, it's just so frustrating when we're not well enough to work and they make us jump through hoops for a pittance that won't even pay the bills!

Happily, this car has parking sensors as I'm another one with a neck problem.

Hope things start to improve for you asap.

Marie xx


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