Storing methotrexate in colleagues car. Will it be too hot or cold?

I must have my injectable methotrexate delivered to work. It can only be delivered on Fridays and I work on that day. My bosses are keen to help but do not want the drug entering the building due to risks. They suggested transferring it to a colleagues car (I don't have one) for a few hours until home time. Will it get too hot in Summer or too cold in Winter? Advice appreciated.

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Hi Naomi, surprised to see your MTX injections are delivered. Do you not collect it from your pharmacist following a prescription from the surgery? My consultant writes to my GP to say what dosage I am on and a prescription is given which I take to the pharmacist who then fills it. I keep the syringes in a cupboard in the kitchen (they shouldn't get too hot or too cold and musn't be kept in a fridge unlike anti tnf).

Suggest you get that system changed to one that you can manage better.

I wouldn't have thought keeping them in a friend's car was a particularly good idea - apart from the risk of the car being broken into if word gets out that drugs are stored there once a week! The MTX has to be kept at an even temperature otherwise if too cold, it becomes inactive and if too hot, also would become inactive. A car in the summer can quickly heat up to over 100 degrees so not a good idea to keep it in the car.

Just checked the MTX leaflet - it says store below 25 degrees centigrade and keep in the outer carton to protect from light. Nothing about how cold it can go but I was told not to put it in the fridge! Hope that helps.

LavendarLady x


HI Naomi1, I think you boss is being totally unreasonable, what's the problem with it being kept in an office filing cabinet or where staff handbags are kept. I'd be having another word with your boss, his manager or HR department if there is one.

Another solution is have a word with your GP maybe they can have it delivered to the surgery for you to collect or issue a prescription as LL says.

This should not be a problem your boss is being awkward and a solution can be found if he/she wanted, so is this discrimination???

I'd also say under no circumstances should it be left in a car.

Good luck hope you get sorted out soon. x


Hi Naomi,

I agree that your bosses are being rather unreasonable. Surely they have heard the term "reasonable adjustments"?

My MTX syringes always had to be stored in the fridge (they were made up specially for me at the hospital pharmacy for me to collect, and I had to attach the needles which I kept separately). But now I am supplied with "Metoject" which are preassembled, and they need to be kept under 25 degrees, but not in the fridge. So that seems a bit weird.

I do agree that a car is not really a suitable place for storage. I wonder whether a cool bag in the boot would help, if the car is the only alternative.

But I really despair at how unhelpful many employers seem to be!

Good luck.


I can answer this phoebe. the ones made in the hospital had no preservatives added hence were kept in the fridge.. we used to prepare them in our cytotoxic clean room!,

They are now made commerically with added preservatives/ stabliisers hence no need to refrigerate.. just to store in clean ,dry place below 25 centigrade.



Thanks for this, Summer. I must admit I was rather confused about it.


Thanks everyone. I think my bosses are trying their best to be reasonable but they must take responsibility for the risks involved, and they have taken advice from a policy advisor. There are vulnerable clients at my work place and their safety needs to be taken into account.

I have not been offered the option of having the drug on prescription. I suppose there are differences between hospital trusts in the way they do things.

Your replies have made me realise that storing the Mtx in the boot of a car is not an option due to the temperatures involved. I have taken this problem back to my managers and am waiting to see what they suggest. I am sure they will do their best to resolve the situation.

Any further ideas would be appreciated. Thanks everyone X


Hi Naomi

I would have a word with the rhuemy dept and see if they can organise for your GP to prescribe for you.You can then collect at a convenient time for you.If not can the delivery company deliver to your local chemist's?It's worth a try,just explain the problems this is causing you,I have to say i wouldn't leave drugs in the car but i can understand your bosses and you'd never forgive yourself if anything happened to one of your clients.

If i think of anything else i'll post again

Julie x


check with the company who is delivering it, I can have mine at work, at home, to the surgery or pharmacist or you can register a key with them and they'll put it in your house. you need to remember that when they deliver they also take your sharps bin away. could you work from home for a half day and have it delivered to your house


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