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Finally getting somewhere

Went to my rheumatologist appointment and got some good news. My vitamin d levels are up To 69 it was 15. My ESR is 1 which is brilliant in there eyes unfortunately im in the worst pain ever. I finally got some different pain relief. In the form of a quarterzone shot and naproxen tables. Got say the shot has taken 90% of the pain away. But it is only a short term fix. But for me if it last 2 weeks im down with that. They are also upping my methotrexate to 17.5 mg. So im hoping all this is going to sort me out to a pain free me. Fingers crossed

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Hope you get some relief from the pain..I too just went upto 17.5 mtx 5 weeks ago but unfortunately my bloods can't handle it even though I was seeing a difference..currently on nothing but hydroxychloriquine waiting on my blood going back above 150 and flaring realky bad..going on Enbrel soon and hoping it works..hope you get some relief soon


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