Things are getting worse

Hi,fellow bloggers :) things are getting worse for me at the moment im hurting everywhere and finding work hard ,feeling so tired all the time and getting less movement in my hands ,hurting allday and night and not able to sleep well and finding it very hard to stay positive at the moment ,havnt seem my RA dr since last august ,i rang them and they have made a appoinment for 15th of may,i cant wait to see them cos lifes abit hard everyday things are diffecult ive got so down about it,im takeing sulfaslazine and axcoia for the pain its not working anymore ,i try to be positive but its really hard ,i dont know anyone else who has it and it be nice to talk to people who understand and have any advice thankyou :)

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  • Hi Emma - sounds like you are well due for an appointment to see your consultant and I'm glad you have managed to get an appointment soon. Sulfasalazine is just one of several first line DMARDs and hopefully you will get your RA better controlled by adding in another now perhaps. I hope things improve for you very soon - I know how hard it is to be positive - I feel the same way just now but at least the weather is improving now. Perhaps you could ask about different pain meds even sooner with your GP? I know that some stop working after a while and you need to change - perhaps an anti-inflammatory such as Diclofenac or Naproxen combined with Tramadol or Paracetamol or Codeine might help you more than axcoia now? Take care - Tilda x

  • Hi Emma sounds like you are having a hard time at the moment. When you see your rheumy he will be able to advise you on what needs to be done.

    I will send you some positive thoughts for you!! You take care xx

  • hi emma. are you still with us? on the site your profile has gone? x

  • Hello Emma, gosh you do sound awfully down and I am so sorry for you, I am new to all this but was very desperate to see the consultant, my appointment was not supposed to be until mid may but I rang the appointment line every day at about 11o'clock, to see if they had cancellations, I was successful and was seen 2 weeks ago, I was told if you ring at about 11 rather than at 9 most people would have rung in by then so your chances are a little better, it's worth a try, sending love to you x

  • Hi. I'm new to this site. I'm going through a really bad few days to, have just woken up incredible bad pain from the knee down(my second day now) it's hard isn't it? I'm a busy working mum &just know I'll be ringing in work in the am as I can't even walk!!

  • hi ,thankyou for ur kind comments i came off and back on as ema 30 ,i went to the doctors today she gave me steriods and i have been signed off froom work for a week seeing my ra doctor on the 15 hopefully hel be able to help me,work arnt being very understanding at th moment which is hard ,x

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