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Hi I am a first timer user of this site,I have RA with 28 yrs,sjogrens with 20yrs MCTD for 10 yrs.I am currently taking Mycophenolate with

no complaints My query is about tooth decay. I use high content fluoride toothpaste and biotene which helps but this yr

lone I have had 19 fillings and am now thinking of getting all my teeth out and getting implant dentures. Has anybody had a similar experience? thanks

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19 fillings in a year seems a huge amount. Did your dentist suggest what the cause was? If you see a dentist regularly (6-12 monthly) I'm surprised your teeth have suddenly degenerated in a year. One last piece of advice, from a dental professional. Do NOT have all your teeth out!


Hi dtech , sjogrens is the cause, the problems started about 10 yrs ago when I had fillings crowns and bridges etc.I was at the dentist yesterday to replace filling and to pull another as there wasnt enough tooth left to save. I go to the dentist whenever needed no longer than 3 months just a bit fed up now. Everything to do with dentistry is so expensive here IRL! I know I will eventually lose all and was wondering what the negatives of implant dentures are?


You are lucky. Unfortunately under NHS can't get treatment other than 2 min so called checkup until they fall out or need pulling - even then they will come up with a story that can't use equipment to remove teeth and will refer you to hospital to have it done. Dentists are now trained how to give NHS patients who can't pay, the most minimal treatment.


If that's the treatment you get jell, change dentists.


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