knee injections

hi has any one had steroid injections in the knees my nurse is trying to arrang them for me and do they hurt and also how long do they last xxxx

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  • Cannot lie there is some discomfort but if your knees are bad there can be instant relief. You may have some discomfort and slight swelling afterwards before settling down and actually be able to see a knee shape. I usually have some ice packs ready for when I get home. Try and rest for at least 24 hours preferably 48 hours to allow the steroid to work in the joint. Relief can be anything between a few days to 3 maybe 4 months. Farm

  • Hi yes they can be quite painful at the time but if it works it can make a massive difference to swelling & pain and I have found them of great benefit! Generally they will also inject a local anaesthetic before the steroid so that stings but deadens the 'pushing' feeling of the steroid going in. If they are draining your knee of any fluid at the same time then I found the draining more painful than the steroid injection as there was then a gap for the steroid to go in. Best wishes.

  • My experience is different. I can honestly say mine weren't painful. Bit sore and discomfort next day or two but then the pain relief was very good got about 6/8 weeks. Good luck xx

  • Just a bit of discomfort. Mine was always drained as well, gives some relief.As said before, relief from days to several weeks.

    Good luck! M x

  • I've had a few, preceded by fluid removal and freezing spray. A bit painful, but worth it for temporary relief. For me, they last a couple of weeks. Good luck

  • Had both knees done ages ago. Both were drained first and any slight discomfort well worth it. Hope it goes well for you.

  • ah thats good mine a well swollen never thought of the draining but makes sense ty

  • Mine didn't hurt and I am usually mard xx they didn't work for me but know loads of people benefit xx

  • I had mine done twice (since had both replaced). The first time it was fantastic, I felt as if I could run up the stairs! The second time just didn't work.

  • I had jabs quite a lot in my knees, best way I can describe it is: I felt like I had been bashed with a baseball bat for a few seconds, then no pain..worked very quickly, and took all of the pain in my knee

  • thank you all for your replys i cant wait now any things gotta be better than all this pain and immobilty xxxxx

  • Mine was uncomfortable and unpleasant, the relief was fantastic, but for me lasted only 3 days. Steroids just don't work for me I'm afraid - later I had prednisolone infusions (1000mg), and similar reaction - felt fantastic, but only for about 3 or 4 days - the results appear to be very individual.

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