Feeling fed up

I'm oifically a grump.

Sorry to rant n grumble but in reall fed up


I am off my biological as my consultant isn't sure it's not causing the neuro symptoms. The steroids I HATE. And my joints hate me.

To top this I'm 11 days into my metatarsal fracture recovery. I am forbidden to weight bear still my crutches hurt my hands my shoulders hurt my chest hurt. My pride really hurts.

I can't make a coffee and carry it sigh. I'm relying on my retired parents to help me out so much it's not fair On Them.

So here is my plee

Me and my fellow RA consumers wish to formally apply for it's removal from society. It serves no benefit to it's victims, has an unpredictable nature and had no respect at all.

Now. Who do I sent it to. ???

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  • You are bang in the middle of a very difficult place - like I have to tell you that!! I had foot surgery a few years ago, before PsA, and found it very hard to come to terms with how restricted I was even then. The disease isn't going anywhere unfortunately, but you will, in time. You'll come out of this bad patch and fight another day. That's the only way & with your sense of humour you're up for the battle. Sending you very best wishes.

  • Send it to Room 101? Xxhope you and Sylvie recover from your fractures soon x

  • Room 101 said return to sender!!!

    Thanks both xx

  • that made me smile! thanks! i am SO with you….. ;-))

  • Well room 101 returned the letter so I tried never never land just awaiting a response.

  • Morning Rarahr. Happened upon this last night messybeast.com/dragonqueen/... - some of them might lift your mood a bit, it did mine last night!! :-) I'll warn you though it's a long list & I haven't got through them all myself yet & intend dipping in & out when I need cheering up.

    Hope you're feeling a bit brighter today & the sun's shining where you are.

  • I will take a browse thank you x

  • Hi, Sorry you are feeling so fed up. When I was on crutches, I also found them very uncomfortable. My husband covered them with foam pipe lagging and some tape and it worked a treat. Hope things improve soon. Smiler53

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