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Methotrexate injections and insomnia and knee pain

Hi all, I started Methotrexate injections about 6 weeks ago after failing to respond to the tablets and not qualifying for biologics. I get a severe headache shortly after injecting but have been lucky enough not to feel sick anymore like in the first few weeks. Anyway I've been having increasing trouble sleeping, I've suffered from insomnia before my RA diagnosis but its becoming unbearable and unlike in the past I am also waking up really early so I was wondering if anyone on methotrexate injections had experienced the same and if its something that improved overtime like the nausea did?

Since I stopped my steroids in February (to try and raise my ESR and qualify for biologics - which hasn't worked) the pain in both of my knees has increased to the point that I am really struggling, it was so bad last night I couldn't sleep until after 4am only to wake up after 5am and had to take tramadol which isn't a long term solution. My physio for my shoulder pain won't treat my knees because I'm only referred for my shoulders. What do other people with knee pain do, is heat or cold better, does exercise make it better or worse, do knee supports make a difference?? I have contacted my rheumatology team but am not seeing them for a couple of weeks and they advised me to stay off steroids so we have a true reflection of my disease activity even though since diagnosis a year ago steroids are the only thing to have helped my pain. Its all getting me down a bit at the moment.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you x

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Hi Sash, that sounds as though you are sorta stuck in the middle. My Rheumy just Did this to me took me off my steroids etc and wanted to see what would happen. I was cursing him at the time but my body then did flare and he was able to put me on biologics, so I hope this is what he is thinking.

As per knees etc, I would call Rheumy helpline and explain you need help with knees as well as shoulder. I got acupuncture, which kept my knee pain at bay for months!

Sleeping is a nightmare! I found if I sleep on top of a duvet and put another thin one over me it feels more comfy. Also you can buy a " body pillow" which is full length and you can get quite comfortable on it.

Once they get your RA under control it should ease. Hope you feel better soon though it's very wearing and tiring isn't it. Xx


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