Changing the day I take methotrexate

Good morning all.

I took my first dose of methotrexate yesterday evening (3 x 2.5mg) and felt sick for alot of the night and eventually did vomit around 4am quite a bit. Obviously this morning Im absolutely exhausted after little sleep and am still feeling a little nausea.

As such, Im not sure Im going to be able to make it into work today :( I hope the nausea will eventually settle down (especially when I start taking folic acid) but just incase, would it be possible to change the day I take my methotrexate to a Friday? I dont work weekends so at least then if I am bad for a couple of days I can just relax as best as possible at home without it affecting my work.

I assume this is something I should discuss with my G.P. before doing?

Many thanks

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There have been lots of posts on here about best times to take mtx and its side effects.

After reading posts on here I opted to take mine Wednesday early evening as Thursday is a half day for me at work.

I did feel sick and yucky the following day or so for 3 or 4 weeks but then my rheumy increased my Folic acid to 3 x weekly and now I seem to be fine after it, no different than any other day and i can just enjoy my half day :-)) Think it takes time for your body to adjust to it but hopefully it will and you may not need to change your day.

If you do want to change then you might be best to phone your rheumy team for advice, but you can't take another dose this Friday cos that would mean too much mtx in one week, you could maybe take it tues next week then Wednesday etc till you get to friday but then of course it will be a lower weekly dose and will take longer to get can take up to 12 weeks to get into your system.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon x


As far as I am aware you can take it which ever day you like as long as you don't take folic acid on the same day. Sorry to hear it's made you feel poorly x


In the Methotrexate monitoring booklet it says that you can move the day you take the MTX up to two days. Although I'm not giving advice here, if it were me, as you've only taken one dose, I would just wait until the day you want to take it next week and take it then. I made sure that I took folic acid for the week before I started MTX and continue on the other six days of the week now and I believe that helped as I only felt woozy when I first started taking MTX. You might find that it all settles down quite quickly. Good luck. Clemmie


Do you have anti nausea pills? I was given some and told to take one shortly before I took the MTX. I don't as I don't feel sick often and it is often just on a random day in the week but it is worth asking about.


Sorry to hear methotrexate made you I'll I take it and it has never made me I'll like that hope you feel better soon


Good morning, I was told to take mine first thing in morning, luckily I had no side effects with this. So mtx on a Monday morn and folic on a fri morn. Hope you feel better soon.


I used to feel so sick on MTX and the sickness got worse over the years to the point I felt sick for more days in a week than I didn't in the end I couldn't take it anymore.. They moved me to anti TNF drugs which were amazing for a few years now had a bad rare reaction and TNF have been stopped I live in tread they will move me back! I am interested to ask if patients on MTX injections feel less sick than tablets?


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