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Hi All

I was so worried to start taking methotrexate for fear of the side effects, in particular the nausea, I don't typically respond well to medication so I was expecting the worst.

I started it Friday and have had no nausea at all. I know it's early days, I thought I would share this to help anyone like me who may be afraid to start it.

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That’s great! Biggest hurdle over so now just look forward to it working and you feeling better! 👍🏻

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Thank You!

Great news, well worth sharing. I hope it works well for you.


I was initially started on 15mg Methotrexate which I was told would be in increased to 25mg by 5mg at a time if I could tolerate it. I made it to 20mg but after a few weeks the nausea wouldn't settle. I made it to three months on 20mg but for three to four days after taking it when I used a toothbrush at bedtime I found I had to be careful as had quite a bad urge to be sick. I told the Consultant and he lowered the dose to 17.5mg which immediately seemed to make the nausea manageable and in just weeks nonexistent.

We are all different but as long a doctor listens like mine did on that occasion you'll be fine. Try not to worry. Have a read about what some do to avoid nausea. Some split the dose over two days, I take 10mg in the morning and 7.5mg at bedtime. Also 5mg folic acid on the six days without Methotrexate.

Good luck and take care,x

There you’s so good that you have bothered to to tell us that not everybody experiences nausea the minute they swallow methotrexate!

Fingers crossed you have a long and successful relationship with it!

That's great, I've also been on Methotrexate for 5 weeks with very few to no side effects at all...

Fab👍 never know till you try hope you start to feel the benefit soon

YAY great to hear and glad you are on the course to start feeling better

Brilliant, very happy for you. Let's hope it will help to make you feel better over all soon. All the best.

I'm on week 8 and I've had no major side effects either. I went belt and braces and got 6 days of folic acid in my body before I started it and only drink water and lucozade sport on the day of taking. I then pop the little yellow demons about 6pm eat my tea and get to bed. I'm more tired and fatigued on the weekends from life and RA in general lol. So, so far so good.

I too was petrified but we need to be sharing our positive stories. We are all totally different 😁👍

StArted mtx in March fine on 10 mg then ok on 15 then lots of problems on 20 rang dr who told me go back to 15 still didn’t feel well breathlessness distended tummy aches and pains rang hospital told to come off ASAP then AA started to cause swallowing promlems while still taking folic acid then found out the AA was to help with methotrexate and I was not taking it? That was 5weeks ago I feel I have my old self back no more methotrexate for me had a ct scan a weekago to find out what was causing * problems no result yet think I have been unlucky as some people swear by methotrexate contact your dr and ask questions like having a density test before starting mtx or maybe you have had one.

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