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Feeling apprehensive

Well tomorrow will be finally hear my first consultation with a consultant ( if it doesn't get postponed for the second time).

Going into work as normal back to back meetings (keep my mind of it) as appointment is not till 430 not at my normal hospital but at a smaller hospital near to me.

I would love to go in and come out with a inkling of why I feel so bad and why at 46 I'm struggling to get through a 40 hour working week. But from what I have read it is unlikely but I'm trying to stay positive and hope I'm prepared. My husband was coming with me but has been called to sea (skipper deep sea fisherman) gutted and cross !! lots of friends offered to come including both my sons but it's not the same so going it alone. Eeeeek

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Good luck. Hope it all goes well. Xxx


Good luck. Might be worth jotting down a few notes on what you want to say and questions in advance so it feels less daunting x


Good luck, hope you get some answers today x


Good luck, let us know how you get on x


Good luck lots of notes help me . Xx


Good luck! It's a good idea to write everything you want to ask before you go. M x


Well I went to my first appointment 4.30 and I saw a nice consoltant( lady).

She listened to me for a long time , as I took a list as advised .

She told my that I was not going to get a diagnosis today. Well she has booked me to have an altrasound on my hands and more blood tests. She could not do this on the spot as the nurses and altrasound person go home at 330.(how lucky are they )

So I will return when I have results. She has told my to up parasetomol and codeine. She has prescribed a tablet to take 2hours before bed to help me relax and get some unbroken sleep ( I can not read her righting so I don't know what it is till I pick it up). She felt that it could be a lot of things but ME and fibramalga is likely . However, it still could b a rumatoid problem or many other things.

I was in there an hour and tipi sly today was one of my better days ...

Thank you for your kind wishes



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