I had my first rhuematology appointment last week she was unconcerned with ccp positive as it was borderline seems to think i may have

Osteo and fibro had a heap of blood tests done had ena come back positive (RNP positive) unsure now what this means all other test have come back within normal limits am having a bone scan done on monday so am hoping this will shed some light on things

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Don't be afraid to ask all the questions. Have you been given a support nurse at the hospital? If not, do go to your GP and get some help and information there. It is a pity things haven't been explained to you already. xx



After your bone scan they will be able to give an inclusive diagnosis, then they will be able to suggest what medications to take and if certain activities may help you

Make a list of questions you want to be addressed for when you see your specialist.

Good Luck



Thanks for the advice trying not to stress to much just a little anxious at the moment but hey you know cannt change things can only wait and see what the out ome is and deal withit may not be as bad as i am imagining


Check out you don't have Hypothyroidism Hopey as I have Hypothyroidism and my Fibromyalgia pains went as soon as I was on the correct dosage of Levothyroxine (T4)

I was told that clever Doctors know that Fibromyalgia/Cronic Fatigue syndrome and ME are 'symptoms of Hypothyroidism.' (untreated or under treated Hypothyroidism)

Most thyroid Patient's blood tests come back as normal, in range or borderline so Doctors don't treat these patients even though they still have Fibro/CFS/ME symptoms. My bloods were also normal, but luckily my Doctor went by symptoms instead of relying on the thyroid blood tests.


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