Damn, I was all set to have a glass or two of wine, haven't had any since early May, and that's all I've had since Feb 22, the day before I

started my weekly dose of MTX.....I went to the store to buy a small bottle, took a small sip (yum) and then I realized........I took my MTX this morning, so I can't drink today! So, I poured the glass back in the bottle, and now I'm bummed! This sucks! I can't be in the sun and I live in Florida, I can't drink ............I have to go get blood work done next week for the first time since I started on the MTX.........I used to have a glass or 2 of wine every nite and I gave it up because I'm scared to drink..........and tonite I was gonna have some...and now I can't!! Thanks for letting me vent...Happy Weekend everybody........(I'm sort of hoping someone who has had this nasty disease for a while will tell me it's ok to drink occasionally) My Rheumy said one or 2 a month..........but I see others are drinking more often.......I guess it all depends on your blood work).........Oh well

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  • Are you in pain? Can you sleep? Is mtx helping your RA. I would give all the alcohol that exists to be able to say yes to these things. I hope you can too.

  • Cathie, I honestly do feel better without the wine, but I don't know if it's because I haven't been drinking, or if it's because of the meds I started in Feb and the steroids I took for 8 weeks. I can NEVER sleep, always need a sleeping pill! I guess time will tell.....but having a drink occasionally would be nice....I hate being restricted.......but I'll get over it!

  • I was a bit ascerbic but I always am in pain first thing and it comes through… so hope I wasnt too self-righteous!

  • Not at all! I love hearing all responses...I am learning a lot. hope you are having a good day today!

  • Not a good day today I'm afraid - waiting for enbrel to work if it is going to...

  • hello rosie123, I do have some wine, but not a continual, I do have a wine if eating out, (maybe once or twice a month) and on birthdays, and also at xmas and yes, sometimes my blood test has shown some raised liver ALT. but after a rest from mtx of two weeks, the liver test shows normal. If you do have a drink, they pick it up pretty quick in you blood test, and if you do have a little too much over like xmas just get a blood test to check it out to make sure you have not overdone it, as long as you do not drink every day or week. hope this helps. bluetit33

  • Since not drinking I have lost weight which in turn has helped my pain and my health not been able to drink since before New Years now and to be honest I am at the point where I don't miss it at all... If I go to a BBQ I just take alcahol free beers. Try to think of the wine a poison that makes you ill it's mind set you don't need the wine you want the wine. Do you want the wine or the pain more? It's not fare but it is what it is hey xx

  • I can't drink anyway as it doesn't like me but regarding the sun as long as you're careful & use a good high factor sunscreen & cover up in light & loose clothing there's no reason no to enjoy the sun. Just be aware of any changes in how your skin reacts. Maybe no sunbathing until you know how MTX affects you but I was advised to take 20-30 mins of sun a day (depending on intensity & not during midday unprotected sunbathing to boost my Vit D levels.

    Oh & send some of that sunshine over here please, I could rant on about lack of it!

  • I used to drink a lot back in the day so the irony of getting a diagnosis AND being told not to drink hit me hard! But don't panic ..... the sensible thing is to take note of your blood work for a while and if your liver is tolerating Mtx well have a celebratory drink perhaps. Keep monitoring your results and if all goes well you could have another drink per week and so on. Many of us find that we can tolerate (very) moderate drinking alongside Mtx.

    Much as I resented the restrictions at first, I've come to accept that the drugs are only part of the fight-back - the healthier our lifestyle is the better with this disease.

  • How disciplined are you?! I have much admiration. There's no way I would have poured that glass back in the bottle, I would definitely have finished it off. I drink a few times a week, 2 glasses of wine or more, and have been on MTX 20mg (recently came down to 15mg as symptoms better) and liver bloods always fine. I'm not suggesting you should go for it like I do, but certainly don't feel bad. Not long now until you get your blood results after next week, if all ok then I would have thought it more than reasonable to have a glass of wine once a week. Hope you can enjoy one tomorrow xx

  • dcj14, I actually can't believe I poured it back in the bottle either...I must pat myself on the back for that one!

  • I have had a drink on meth day once by accident. Friend bought me a beer. Was angry with myself when I realised, I only had a few sips . I have to admit I have had more drinks than I should do lately when socialising, looking to knock that on the head.

  • I don't think a glass of wine or two will do you any harm providing your liver results are normal. I am on mtx and I too enjoy a glass or three now and again and my liver has been fine but then everyone is different. I don't drink on mtx day though. If it has been a special occasion that falls on mtx day I have even been naughty and moved the mtx day a day forward but then it depends how well controlled you are and I wouldn't do it when just starting mtx. I think we suffer enough and a little bit of what you fancy can do you good.

  • I am so glad to hear all of these comments about drinking wine...and dcj14, now that I think about it, it was pretty amazing I poured it back in the bottle, but it wasn't worth the risk. I will give it up all together if I have to, I just really don't want to! Since this is all new to me, I will take it one step at a time, by the time I get my blood work done next week, I will have had 4 OR 5 glasses (anticipating a glass or 2) SINCE February...so I am hoping all will be ok. Thanks for the input.......

  • Ive had it for 5 years now and on methotrexate aslo. I gave up the drink then as its advised not to drink whilst on the meds. However I did gave a glass at xmas and boy was I bad the next day fingers swelled and hurt like hell I won't be drinking again. Its ok I don't miss it im more worried at the mo I won't be able to eat cake and chocolate.

  • Oh No....please don't take my chocolate away from me too...I hate this disease, it really sucks!!!!!

  • I have been taking mtx now for 6 wks but have had an injection to helpwhile waiting for med to take effect....have not had any bad effects as such but although it was casually mentioned about the sun, does this mean sun goddess me will have to keep out of sun or will adequate protecctor suffice.....crikey give me sun over alcohol any day....my grandchildren are in aus, too. What is the danger more than normal ?

  • I really cant answer you suzyrob, I am so new to this. My rheumy told me to avoid direct sunlight and when going out, use sunscreen always. I am very cautious with the sun as I have had many pre skin cancers frozen off, and had Moh's surgery on my leg, so I am very prone to skin cancer. All of this skin damage is from when I was young and a sun goddess. Back then (I am 59) there was no such thing as SPF.....I used baby oil, sun reflector...everything possible to damage my skin. I am too new to answer your question about the sun while on MTX......maybe someone else can answer...I'm curious myself. I am now just going by Doctor's orders.....

  • Thanks rosi1213. 60.s 70s I remember using coconut oil to "get browner" I am dark skin tone. I now always use at least 15 factor to 30. Love the sunshine dose of bit d....can anyone else advise?

  • MTX lowers the immune system so that there is less resistance to the damaging effects of the sun's rays. I think that's it anyhow. I'm using a new eczema cream that actually warns on the prescription label to avoid direct contact with sunshine and drink no alcohol so I'm really scunnered as I take MTX too!

  • As long as I ware sunblock I don't notice any skin problems. I live in Calif. The one time I was out doing yard work w/out sunblock I felt my skin sting in the sun but 50 sunblock works well. But I seem to tan quickly even w the sunblock.

  • This is news to me... I was on mtx for 9 years without being aware of increased skin cancer risk. I probably should have done some research back in the day but there you go. Twas probably a good thing that even though I used to spend a lot of time outdoors (those were the days), I was never a sun lover and used to keep covered up for the most part... no chance of me trying to get a tan sunbathing or walking about the place topless... I am a male by the way! :)

  • At one time people would come home from work and say 'I'm dying for a cuppa!" Now it's 'dying for a drink'.

    No one used to drink at home. Kids got drunk but not binged and got blotto like expected to today. Alcohol was usually bought for xmas only. It really shouldn't be a big deal not drinking. I would worry if it was getting to me. Get the kettle on! be a devil - have hot chocolate!

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