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What can I expect to happen at my first appointment with the specialist?

Thank you everyone who answer my previous question about what to ask at my first appointment at the hospital.

Now I would like to know what I can expect to happen during the appointment.

I have already taken on board the comment about not wearing a thong! Marks and Spencer here we come for some 'sensible' undies!

All advice gratefully received xxx

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Hi Erika,

On my First appointment I was thourouly examined all joints etc, Specalist watched how I moved walking / sitting in a chair getting out of a chair etc.

He asked me questions like how long did morning stiffness last etc.

I think on this appointment you need to get across as much as possible of how you Feel, not just what they can see on the day, because if your like me the day you go will be one of your better days! Typical.

You will probably have extra tests ordered From this appointment like - chest tray (especially if you are to start methotrexate) blood tests to measure your ESR/ CRP rheumatiod factor anti CCP etc.

I was also sent For x-rays-MRI scans etc., all to check were the damage was done to help diagnose me.

I was then given leaflets of medication to read through steriods and a Further appointment.

Hope all goes well For you. Try to take a list of everything you want to ask, because if your like me you will forget once in there and these appointments are Few and Far between so make the most of it

Take care

Julie x


Hi Erika, lots of questions and examinations, you may have some x-rays and some bloods taken, most definatley bloods!

The questions mainly about you and how your coping etc, and any family history of RA. If your suffering bad with a particular joint/joints you may get a referral to a physio or an OT (occupational therapist) to get you any hand splints you may need.

If you need a sick note ask for one from the consultant.



Like Julie said above, make the most of this appointment asking whatever you feel necessary. It may be a while before you get another with the consultant.

First appointment is always the longest. so be prepared.

mand xx


My first appontment was a blur, as I was so anxious about everything. It might be a good idea to take a friend who can make a few notes for you, as there is so much to take in. And write a list of questions to ask, like Julie suggested. Best of luck!


good luck x


Best of luck with the Doctor, I hope the appointment goes the way you want.

It isnt that long since I had mine,



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