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Does anyone know if hydroxychlooquine is film coated the same as plaquenil

I usually get plaquenil when I put my prescription into my local pharmacy but yesterday I went to get it as usual and it wasn't my usual box of plaquenil that say film coated on the box. When I asked if they had the plaquenil I was told from now on it would be the generic version unless it was on my prescription. I asked if they were film coated as I remember having them before and they tasted awful and that makes me think they couldn't be coated. The pharmacist couldn't tell me but she said by law they have to have the same ingredients. xx

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Ask your rheumy to prescribe enteric coated hydroxychloroquine if it causes you problems. But they are the same. Over the years I've had a number of different brands and don't notice any difference in what they do, and I just try to swallow them quickly so don't notice the bitterness. Once I did bite into one by accident and it really tasted foul. I comfort myself with the thought that I'm saving the NHS money.



The generic medications are just the same as the others you have had. The reason they are different is the original company has been making them has run out of time and now other drug companies now have started making the medication.

The colours of the medication may also be different for example Tramadol is yellow and green,the generic is generally yellow, they are both the same drug, made by a different company

Do not worry the generic is exactly the same drug only a great deal cheaper than the other



Thanks guys. I have taken the generics before and they do work as good, it is just that I sometimes get problems with my stomach and wondered if all the hydroxychloroquine pills were coated or just some of them. Hope you are both doing alright, xx


I was on plaquinil and my pharmacy tried to change it for a generic (which of course they make more profit on!! ) and I too found they tasted disgusting no matter how quickly I swallowed them. So I went back and complained and they swapped them back to plaquinil. I have a good relationship with my pharmacist so it was no problem. I suggest you go back and tell them you only want the branded drug. If they say they can't get it just tell them you'll find a chemist that will then and just shop around. After all we are the consumer.


whether its generic or branded, it seems that you need to get your doctor to make sure they prescribe "enteric coated" tablets, or else you are likely to get the non-coated varieties.


I have terrible troubles with generics so ask my Drs to prescribe the 'real' thing as the fillers they use in generics do not agree with me. I would ask Dr to prescribe 'plaquenil' if that is what you have been taking and it hasn't caused you problems


I have had problems with hydroxy. I started with planquenil but soon realised I could not tolerate as it has lactose in it which gives me indegestion. I asked the pharmacist about a brand without lactose and he said there was not one but I googled it and found quinoric and have been on ever since. Brands are not always the same so well worth changing if you have problems. I am now having the same problem with thyroxine. Have changed pharmacist as found out they use one supplier versus 5 at another and so info given is not always correct but what suits them as the brands they can offer. There is also a cost implication to gps and I have been told I may not get thyroxine lactose free because of this but luckily I seem to eg tolerating the smaller tablets. Hope that helps and good luck.


Thank you all for your replies. I will ask my doctor to write that on future prescriptions and see what happens. I take so many pills as it is and prefer them all to EC if possible. I guess we will have to get used to all the cut backs. I hope you are all doing alright. Take care xx

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