Could anyone recommend wrist support for sports?

Hi, I've recently gone back to the gym and am really struggling with pain and stiffness in my hands and wrists. I use the spinning bikes and think that good wrist support may help. Could anyone recommend a good support as the ugly beige ones I've got from the OT are for carpal tunnel which I don't have and make my hands sweaty.


Paula x

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  • Hi Pauly,

    Have another word with your OT. Mine made me some softer ones from navy neoprene to use at night and when driving. Alternatively you can buy some more trendy coloured guards online.

  • Thanks Creaky. I'll ask my specialist nurse for a referral at my next appointment if the ones I've ordered don't fit the bill. It's a shame we don't just have access to the OT with a chronic health condition instead of always needing a referral. x

  • Hi Paula I have made to measure soft stretchie supports ones...very of the OT supplied them...hey good luck with the gym too

  • Thanks Prairie, my OT just gave me the bog standard carpal tunnel variety which look unsightly and smell worse! I love my gym and have been trying really hard to build up my fitness. x

  • hi, i have lots of different ones..there are loads on ebay and not expensive ..lots are recommended for sports..have a look x

  • Hi Kizzy, thanks for that :-) I had a look online and have ordered a set which look much better than my current ones. I shopped around and managed to get a pair for about £25 but it annoys me that these things are sold singly. It also annoys me that the right hand cost £4 more than the left?

    Anyway if anyone else is interested I went for these Fingers crossed they do the job. x

  • i have those ones and find them really good..hope they suit you x

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