Morning everyone! At the risk of sounding daft and stating the obvious, its Sunday. Why are Sundays so special? Because its the only day of the week i dont feel guilty for stopping in bed all day, or lying in the sofa watching trash on tv because i know there are millions of other "able bodied" people doing it!

Its a day to say "i really should run (ha ha!) round with the hoover" and it be acceptable for others to say "ah its sunday, a day for doing nowt" (im from Lancashire).

So enjoy your sunday everyone! Sod the housework, if its sunny where you are sit in the garden or just slob! Because we're allowed!!

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I will certainly be in the garden today as well.xxxx


I'm slobbing as we speak Max!. Enjoy your day. x


Oh what a difference a bit of sunshine makes , got out in the garden sat and watched hubby work hehe! . Enjoy your Sunday chill out day x


I don't know if you have heard the Song "Sunday morning "by Lou Reed. If anyone hasn't look it up as it's exactly feels like Sunday morning should! Enjoy your well earned day of rest xx

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