Unique opportunity to trial a new concept of Exercise and Vacation for people with RA

Unique opportunity to trial a new concept of Exercise and Vacation for people with RA

NRAS has helped shape this unique holiday experience combining a supervised exercise & health programme with a holiday in the Costa Del Sol. The organisers are looking for 10 people to pilot this new concept commencing 5th May for 7 or 13 nights. Full details available shortly on NRAS homepage but in the meantime email clare@nras.org.uk for full details of the programme. The cost includes half board and all health/exercise sessions but excludes flights. Prices start at 152 Euros per day per person sharing .

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  • What a lovely idea. Oh how I wish. :-(

  • Me too, looks lovely

  • Is this serious? It's not April 1 yet

  • Hi Cathie

    Yes quite serious. The idea is that these holidays will be made available going forward "off season" at a much reduced cost than the hotels charge during peak season. The doctor who is spearheading the project plans to utilise the hotel's spa and gym facilities etc. to encourage people to learn about the benefits of exercise via supervised sessions with a physiotherapist as part of the package.

    Naturally it won't be for everyone but if people like to get away during the dull winter months to warmer environment what better justification than to combine a winter break with something that is good for you and your RA at the sametime. If you would like full details please email me at clare@nras.org.uk and I can forward on the details and how to book etc.

  • Hi Clare. Do they seriously believe many people could afford to pay over £150 per night. It's a great idea but it will be for the very few people who can afford it. Most people are fighting to keep their DLA. Sorry I accept I may sound negative. But I believe I'm being realistic.


  • Exactly, I don't get much more than that to feed me and my partner for a month (and couldn't even get DLA). xx

  • Well said! A lovely idea but not very realistic or affordable for most RA sufferers not only fighting to keep DLA and their Sickness benefits because of having to give up work and for those of us also fighting to keep our jobs and get some extra help also!!

  • Hi

    I appreciate it is not for everyone but there has been quite a bit of interest already which I must be honest has surprised me too as I thought cost would be quite prohibitive for many people. NRAS has had nothing to do with setting the prices just making suggestions as to what exercises/health activities may be included etc.

    The price quoted is Euros not Sterling so slightly less than £150 half board when sharing a room. The pilot is being run in Mid-season but the idea is that it will run during low-season so future programems may be even less but likewise if the pilot is not a success the organisers will not continue with the project.

  • I can't make the date but it sounds like a great idea! Some extra vitamin D at least! Count me in for a further study...

  • Hi Clare, Would have loved to do something like this but nearly £1000 for a week in a shared room half board in Spain mid season, is asking far too much. There would have to be a lot of extra's included for this not to be a rip off.

  • Some folks with ankylosing spondylitis already get this kind of holiday on the NHS - its the therapy programme at Bath. Two weeks of supervised exercise, therapy, and learning about your disease, and from all accounts folk come away from it feeling loads better and buzzing.

  • I too would be interested but the cost appears somewhat exuberant. Obviously few people on low incomes shall be able to afford this. Pity about the cost.

  • It doesn't even include flights. I'd love it but far to expensive for me and I work full time!

  • mega money - expensive. Off season most hotels charge about 40 euros a night incl breakfast so dinner (about 15-20 incl wine), say cost per person of 40 so far that leaves 110 euros worth of exercise. Don't think anyone with RA is getting a great deal.

    The idea is great but costs need looking at.

  • I'd be really interested in this but unfortunately, my degree doesn't finish until the end of May!

  • I agree, its a great idea and yes the heat and exercise help RA - but the cost is not agreeable or affordable to most.

  • Yes I agree I was most shocked to see the price and had to read it a couple of times to be sure. People with RA are often on benefits which excludes a holiday of that price straightaway and as someone else said even working full time would still make it very difficult to afford. The premise of the holiday is a good one but it is very pricey.

  • Wow, not very affordable. We are going to Mazatlan on Friday. A nine day all inclusive in a gold crown resort. With flights it is only 680. US. I am using points and time share of course. I also strongly recommend cruises. There is plenty of equipment on board for excersice. However, for those of us in no condition for that it allows plenty of sun and rest while family has entertainment. A guilt free vacation lol

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