British Society for Rheumatology (BSR) and NRAS express disappointment over NICE's decision to approve biologics for severe RA only

British Society for Rheumatology (BSR) and NRAS express disappointment over NICE's decision to approve biologics for severe RA only

NRAS Chief Executive, Ailsa Bosworth has said: “The impact on patients’ lives of this negative outcome is significant. It is particularly disappointing given that we and the BSR were not asking for all patients in the moderate – severe group to be given access, but only those with the biomarkers which indicate poorer prognosis and outcomes"

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  • This is an absolute disgrace, yet again government cuts come before absolutely everything including peoples lives!!! Time for us all to get political and get these mugs out!!!

  • Who listen to sick people.? Every educated people are leaving UK, doctors, teachers , etc. What difference it will make in or out of Europe?

    Educated people in government and in office are supposed to help sick people.

  • They couldn't give a toss about the disabled and people who are I'll, asking as they get their 11per cent pay rise each year which is a total joke when people can't even afford t heat their homes let a lone eat, no wonder people are leaving the UK in there droves

  • What does this mean for people already on biological DMARDs? I'm worried now!

  • Please ask your GP for full explanation.

  • What bio marker is classed as server and do you just put up with it till it is chronic

  • Please note that if you are already on biologics this NICE decision will not take them away.

    What NRAS and the BSR were trying to achieve by appealing the final decision on the Multiple Technology Appraisal biologics review, was to try and get NICE to widen the criteria so that more people, particularly those with moderate to severe disease which is defined, in clinical terms, as those with a DAS score of between 3.2 and 5.1. could access a biologic.

    Currently you have to have a DAS of over 5.1 to be eligible to get onto biologics. We were not asking them to open the floodgates for everyone with moderate disease because we knew they would never buy that, but only those with a poorer prognosis and we defined 3 specific criteria for that which are detailed in our press release on the website. We all worked so hard to try and get this so it was really disappointing that they turned down the appeal. However, at least now you only have to achieve a DAS score of over 5.1 once, not as it was before, two times one month apart, so a bit of progress in the right direction!

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