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hi all just wondered last week the tendons in my right shoulder seemed to go again in exruciating pain then it seemed to dissapear aft couple of days then following day middle finger on left hand did strange things couldnt straighten it and wanted to bend it was soo pain full thats a little easier now aft naproxen which i also took for shoulder , spoke to rhuemy nurse and she called my finger some thing and trigger finger , i was panicking as so painfull any advice wouldbe gratefull i seeher next month and docs tom

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Do you eat apples? My husband found his shoulder flares stopped after stopping eating apples - for your hands try icing them holding an ice pack for 15 - 20 minutes may help and worth trying.


Interested to hear about effect of apples. I personally don't eat them but my mother is convinced that tomatoes can cause a flare up. Would be grateful if any one has noticed certain foods or drink can cause flares ( please not wine).



I often suffer with tendon pain for a couple of days and then the pain goes away (till it comes back the next time). I find my fingers can swell so I can't wear my wedding rings etc but then a couple of days the swelling goes down. Must admit just carry on with my ra meds. I'm not sure what you can do but just wanted you to know you were not alone with struggling with this



I tend to get the same type of symptoms. Jumping from one side to another. They last for me about 24 hours and leave the affected side weak for a bit then all symptoms disappear and all back to normal. When my fingers go like yours I cover them with Traxam and it seems to help with the naproxen. I wear thick leather gloves then to help with driving. Next car will deffo be an automatic. Hoped after 3/52 weeks of treatment I had RA subdued but it flashed again last night the sneaky thing.



One good thing is that your trigger fingers will not shoot you

Joking aside I have had this off and on now for over twenty years,it can generally be caused with joints been swollen.

sometimes the tendon shieves can also be affected

Glad to say when this happens and the flare goes you may not suffer the nodules associated with Arthritis. One way of exercising the fingers to either prevent or recover from this condition try and find several small objects to put in your pocket, manipulate them with your fingers. This will keep your fingers supple. What I use are conkers, so when I am walking around and my hands are bad I exercise in that way, neighbors say there goes Bob playing with His nuts again

Try it

All the best



Hi, I've had the same thing I my index finger and before I was diagnosed with RA the doctor told me it was a trigger finger but it isn't with me. It has been a lot better since being on rituximab. I bought a little splint for mine from the pharmacy and it helped as it kept it straight and helped to stop it moving and clicking.


thank you to everyone for yourreplies its just another thing to cope with i suppose great fun eh lol tyxxxxxxxx


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