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Does anyone have any experience of Methotrexate and Neproxen?


My wife has had psoriatic arthritis for c.9 yrs. A very painful and debilitating condition. In 2008 her consultant (he's actually good guy) switched her medication from Methotrexate to Leflunomide. The ensuing events were catastrophic and almost fatal, and in a minute time scale. Her GP had patronisingly suggested she was overtired when she mentioned extreme tiredness, almost passing out. She was a head teacher, and ALWAYS in control, and his prognosis was so wrong. Luckily in the same week, she a had a clinic appt with her consultant. After initially asking how she was coping, without looking up from whatever he was writing, she replied 'none too well'. As a patient who never complains, he immediately changed tack, and suffice to say she was in intensive care within the hour, being pumped up with 3000mg steroids. Yes three thousand. Fast forward, ignoring the verbal inquests and apologies, the reality is that she suffered Instertial Numenitis, with irreversible lung damage. A joint report, authored by her consultant and another from another major regional hospital was flashed to the World Heath Organization with a warning that 'the use of Methotrexate and Leflunomide in close (timE0 proximity can cause fatality any time during therapy'. Last week, her GP and a trainee GP suggested she switched from Flamrase to Naproxen as the former causes heart disease . Low and behold, the Neproxen fact sheet warns it should never be used with Methotrexate as there potential fatal consequences. Flamrase is not available from the manufacturer until June 2014.

Does anyone have any personal experience of MTX with Neproxen?

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I take mxt and also when having a bad flare up I will take naproxin, with no ill effects, but I only take it when flaring, not as a regular tablet, as it is not a pain killer, but an antiflamitory

Spirit13 in reply to lab-lover

Hi, Many thanks for sharing your experience. I've passed this on to my wife.

Hi sorry your wife has suffered so much with these meds. I start methotrexate on Monday and i am dreading it as I take a lot of other meds including, omeprazol, naproxen, steroids and quite a few others. The Rheumy nurse told me to leave 4 hours between taking methotrexate and omeprazol, when I asked about naproxen they said it was ok to take them whilst taking methotrexate. I have lung problems also and am afraid the methotrexate may exacerbate them.

Very scary, not knowing what to do for the best.


Hi I was prescribed naproxen for double tennis elbow in Aug 2012 then in the following Jan 2013 finally got diagnosed with RA & put on MTX & hydroxy, I queired the combination after reading the leaflet with the tabs my pharmsist was concerened but RA Consultant said it was fine. I was on 500mg twice a day of Naproxen, I now am on 250mg twice a day, I have begun to cut this down to 250mg once a day. I also take Omeprazole every day . I seem to be tolerating everything, but am worried about taking the Naproxen for so long now that Ive started cutting them down. Also july last year RA Consultant added in sulfa too. To say I rattle is an understatement.

I think you should be guided by your rheumy, your GP. We have regular blood tests that quickly pick up any problems, also contact your Rheumy team/GP if you experience any problems. I hope this helps you. Take care, Rie

Hi I have taken Naproxen along with MTX. I took it every day at the start before the MTX started to work. Now I only take it as and when required (flare). You MUST take a stomach protector (Lansoprazole or similar) with Naproxen though. xx

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