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Does anyone know the different brand names for subcutaneous methotrexate?


Hi guys :)

I have been on methotrexate injections (20 mg) for RA for about 3 years, and I have always had a lot of trouble the day after injection night with tiredness, brain fog, joint discomfort and generally feeling awful. I inject on Saturday nights, and then am pretty much useless on Sundays. I have found that drinking lots of water on injection day and lots of snacking the day after can help, but I still feel like I am losing a 7th of my life to side effects.

My most recent rheumy appointment was with a new rheumatologist, and when I mentioned the trouble I was having he seemed surprised. I currently take Metoject methotrexate, and he said that there is another brand, and sometimes people react differently to the two, that switching might help my side effects. Trouble is, I can't remember the name of the other brand!

Does anyone know any alternative brands of subcutaneous methotrexate, available in the UK? Also, does anyone have any experience with the differences between them, both in terms of side effects and efficacy?

Thanks for your help :)

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Hi tiff,

Mine is called nordimet. Sometimes I have a bit of bother when collecting it from the chemist as they try to give me metoject and insist it's the same thing but rheumy nurse told me to always insist on nordimet as that's what I was trained to administer. Recently discovered that when sending prescription to chemists they do not state a brand name so I need to ensure I order 20/0.8 as metoject is 20/0.4. I have no clue what the difference means!!

When I first switched to jags I had a lot less sickness which was great although I'm finding the 20 quite a bit harder to tolerate. My ALT is spiking a bit at the minute though so this may be attributing to the nausea!

This is the only one I've tried though so can't give you the comparison, sorry!!

S xx

Ask your pharmacist..if there are only two...the one you take must be the other one!

Other brands are called Methofill and Zlatal. In theory the Methotrexate should be identical and the difference between them being what it is 'watered down' with - water, sodium chlorine and sulphuric acid are most common, sometimes also hydrochloride acid (but don't panic as it's in miniscule quantities).

(Re the numbers 20/0.8 means 20 mg of MTX in 0.8ml of liquid, so 20/0.4 is same amount of methotrexate but in less liquid)

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Ah pretty simple then?! Thanks helix!

The pharma company I work for makes methotrexate but we make it for client. I can check to see who we make it for

So, I'm not the only one wiped out the next day after Methotrexate? Suggestions about reclaiming that 1/7th of your life? Actually, Humira being every other week, there's a couple of days with a headache after that too. Feel better friend.

I just came on to ask pretty much the same question. I started injection last week 15mg after having been on a reduced dose of 10mg tablets. I 8njected Wednesday lunch time and was completely out of it. Swollen, brain fog, ached like I had flu. By Friday felt ok although a bit swollen. Does this get better with time?

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Yes..... took me about 3 months tho'....

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Thank you 😊. Been a strange journey so far everyday is different.🤗🤗

I have the same reaction on Methotrexate injections, tiredness and feel yak the next day, almost like a hangover without alcohol.

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That is exact,y how I describe it, a hangover with pregnancy morning nausea . Although the nausea is much better with injections.🤗

Got to say though, my joints are so much better, so I guess joints better outways side effects. Not much fun though. Good luck everyone.

Hi tiff89

I know how you feel it also wipes me out for a day and half with the same kind of things, when I told my rheumy he wanted to put me back on the tablets but they made me feel ill for days, so I stuck to the injections. It’s not much fun feeling like you have the worse ever hangover without the drink. I feel your pain.

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