WFW round 1~

well I have been to the cardiologist and I have Wolff Parkinson White syndrome where the heart creates extra electrical pathways so I am off for an op on the 6th March. Just slightly freaked out as I am Murphys Law incarnate when it comes to hospitals so I will once again put my positive shoes on and turn up and hope I get out of there again relatively unscathed. To say he was surprised that the other cardiologist didn't pick this up 2 years ago is an understatement his words were hmmm I will have a chat with XXXX.

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  • Gosh there's your answer but yeah what a shame it took them that amount of time. I just have atrial fibrillation which came on two days after I got RA. I called 999 for the only time in my life and gott rushed to hospital. The ambulance said your pulse is wrong but then they lost the printout. Needless to say in hospital it settled. Had a slight hmm disagreement with cardiologist who said they couldn't see anything, sent me home just for me the next morning to get straight back in!!

    Long story but just to say when I was in then they were amazing. I hope your op goes well and I am glad they got to the bottom of it got you. Xx

  • Apparently I was born with it but it has only become problematic in the last few months, why the new cardio was so gobsmacked the other cardio didn't pick it up! Apparently some people can take meds but for some reason mine won't respond to it. What freaks me out is when I nearly pass out with it so I am really glad they are going to fix it. Just a bit scared after my very bad experiences with surgeries and things going wrong.

  • Heck no wonder that was a bit of a shock for you! Sorry can't quite piece together the bits of your history you've told us but does having this condition make sense of a lot of your other symptoms too? Tx

  • No this is something new! hahaha I was a bit shocked when my GP told me and asked if itcould be meds but no, not something as simple as that. Oh well I am hoping that the op will fix the problem and that it doesn't reoccur cause I won't want to go through it again. Just a bit scared about everything going according to plan and no surprises, which is not my experience after the last few small ops. (read liver biopsy disaster)

  • Ye I also am the one were things don't go quite right eg bleeding after antibiotics, so I know how you feel. Main thing go in , get sorted and join me with daytime TV lol!! You know you want too ha ha x

  • Oh I hate day time tv, at least he said on 3-4 days recovery and I am sticking with the mantra it will all be good this time, it will all be good this time......... I tried that last time but it didn';t go so well, I even arranged someone to pick me up thinking positively that I would get out unscathed! hahahaha

  • Quick synopsis, had a hyster in 2012, hospital acquired infection which seems to have triggered all this. Never felt well afterwards, pain in joints etc, killing tiredness, migraines etc etc along with some palpitations and numerous bad reactions to meds which screwed up my liver now too. As you know it has taken a long time to be diagnosed and in between I have had so many tests and little ops to figure out what is going on. well it seems a few things are hahahah This WFW does not have any impact on my other symptoms apart from now adding to the extreme tiredness that I already have since my heart has decided to beat like a lunatic in early December. Not sure how it will impact on any meds I may take in the future I guess I will find out.

  • Oh dear. I'm sure it will go fine and you will hopefully feel the benefit once it's over. Tx

  • That is my plan stay positive and all will be well.

  • Good luck and hopefully this operation will get rid of the fatigue.

  • Thank you. It will hopefully get rid of the fatigue from my crazy heart but the underlying fatigue from the arthritis and fibromyalgia may take a bit longer to resolve. Hoping the meds I started in Nov may start working soon.

  • Can see why you are worried! But fingers crossed all should go well this time! Xxxxx

  • I'm pinning my hopes on that!!! :)

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