Round two!!

I have a few following for my first ten weeks of Methotrexate! This morning was my second dose. Within three hours I had some lower tummy troubles and a bit of what I'm told is the normal "wobbliness" which consists of swimmy/medicine head feeling and some light nausea. The nausea is a bit worse this time around but again it's nothing I can't handle. Over the past three days I've had a little more hair in my brush and drain so just to he proactive (not really interested in saving it, would rather embrace it and if it comes out in chunks I will go bald) I've decided to go with a cute layered short look. Stress can also think your hair and mtx just adds to it. Why bother saving thick volumous locks when you can reinvent yourself!!! We aren't our disease,but we are who we are and are affected by who we are by our disease. Hair, energy, sickness, fatique, emotions, etc all can be more understood by people not living with what we do by sharing and adapting well to our issues... Not over playing them or definitely not trying to hide them! So I can't wear eye makeup and I definitely (with my Uveitis) can't wear contacts, so why not wear cute glasses...look at the hundreds if not thousands of pairs to choose from!!! Just like my hair. I'm not going to hide it, rather embrace it with something've got to stay positive or it will get you down. And the more down the worse it can make your symptoms!

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  • Love your attitude!! Reinvent yourself!! Mtx takes sometime getting used to. :)

  • It really does!!!

  • Well done on the reiinvention.! Things will probably get better though. I still battle with contact lenses in spite of watery sore eyes and my hair has finally stopped falling out after 18 months . In fact it's almost back to how it was. I just try to live a normal life, and I do, with a few wobbles which I get help with . Either injections or other drugs. As you say, stay positive .

  • My Uveitis is a chronic case of Anterior. It's unusual for it to he chronic in that part of the eye. It's bilateral. And long ago my regular optometrist told me no more contacts because my eye didn't tolerate them. That was ions before Uveitis affected them. So it was already taken care of. I have wore glasses since age 8. Plus glasses hide a world of dark eyes, purplish eye lashes and also highlights the shape and color of my eyes. Hopefully you'll be able to wear yours for a while longer. How does that work with all the drops?

  • Mine doesnt seem to be as bad as yours. I dont take the drops all the time, only when it flares up. Then I wear glasses. Maybe it's time for glasses all the time! Good luck with everything x

  • Yeah mines pretty bad for it to be Anterior. There has been two different times they wouldn't let me leave the clinic because it was so bad. Luckily after six hours it lowered a bit. It's been a pretty scary five years. I'm just glad there's a plan and I'm hopefully headed in the right direction!!! Glasses are back in the fashion world too so why not embrace it. :-)

  • I colour my hair several colours and my nails as well. I too can't wear contacts and i wear pink glasses as big as i can find.xxxx

  • I agree with everything you have said it takes a while to get used to mtx but carry on as you are x

  • Wow you really are an inspiration!! I am new to ra and scared to death of starting mtx but after reading your post well you have made my day thank you so much.

  • Awe thanks, that means the world to me! All of the sweet comments today have. I'm not an optimist to a fault, rather a realist that decides to make the best of things. mtx isn't easy by any means. But I'm praying it's worth it when they say I'm in remission! Good luck on your Journey friend!

  • Well done you! It's lovely & refreshing to hear someone who approached MTX in a similar way I did so hopefully with that attitude & some perseverance your side effects will be just you getting used to it & will go like mine did. I also had more hair in my brush so had my hair cut shorter, the advice of my hairdresser & it worked well so it remains short even though my hair grew back. A big bonus of losing some hair is it's grown back with a definite curl, less styling needed yay! I didn't have eye trouble on MTX but I did on my first DMARD hydroxychloroquine, had to give up contacts so I wore glasses or more often sunglasses. My eyesight has since changed & I'm no longer short sited so don't need the glasses for driving anymore, which I found awkward, just for close work.

    So well done from me, a relative veteran of 8 years. Keep on as you are & you'll not go far wrong. Embracing is better than berating! 🤗

  • I remember you saying that nmh.. . Mine went curly too..

  • Oh dear lord! If mine goes more curly I'm going to look like a sheep! A grumpy one!


  • Lol!!! I look like someone whose tried to straighten their hair and then walked out on the beach....lots of frizz and one big Farrah faucet wave on the right side.... One I stop and new hair growth comes in who knows what I'll have!

  • I thought my hair would look like Don King

    But instead my hair changed from curly brown to staight blond.

  • Thank goodness for that!

  • Do so love your attitude..:) sending huge hugs :)

  • What a fabulous post - I look forward to hearing how your journey continues! I begin my MTX next Wednesday and had been feeling a touch anxious, as I imagine we all do. Today however, I decided to look at the time it take to build up tolerance as a cocoon, from where I will emerge (hopefully!!) the other side, in less pain, more mobile and with more appreciation of what I have always taken for granted.

    Sending you hugs ;-)

  • Absolutely, I'm a "high octane" person in the fact I'm always on the go with tons of energy. I now appreciate the days with more energy for sure! Good luck on your Journey! A positive attitude is a great way to start!

  • My tip for MTX would be to take plenty of probiotics and start supplementing with slippery elm capsules. I find I get no stomach issues any more from MTX or naproxen if I need them but I used to be sick for a couple of days. Worth a try I would think

  • Thanks, I already take a probiotic, and I'll look into the slippery elm. I can't take naproxen...or any asa meds for that matter. So no worries there. :-)

  • The slippery elm helps heal your gut and can help control Auto immune response from your body allegedly. Works for me

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