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2nd round Rituximab


So tomorrow is 2nd round of Rituximab. Nothing un toward happened after the first I am pleased to say. So hopefully same again. Let’s hope it kicks in soon after tomorrow!!

Q. Does anyone know if I will be given the same as in steroid intravenously and Piriton again?

The dr gave me a rescue course of prednisone after last infusion until the Rituximab starts working (up to 16 weeks), so I won’t take any in the morning if I know I’m getting a big dose in my arm, as I don’t want to be on the ceiling with a steroid high too much!! Any advice ? TTx

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They do give you steroid and piriton again , I also take steroids and don’t take my tablet in the morning of the infusion

Good luck 😉

Tessthomy in reply to Jillyanne

Thank you!

Yes the same procedure will be repeated. As for kicking in soon be prepared as it can take up to 3 months but everyone is different. Best treatment I've ever had.

Tessthomy in reply to Jackie1947

Yes I’m prepared for a wait!!

It’s funny isn’t it,how they don’t tell you stuff like this .. a small detail, maybe, a lack of communication..but stuff so important to us patients who at the end of the day are ignorant to these medical facts but have to find out for ourselves, and/or worry ourselves silly, and/or suffer the consequences .. either that or maybe it doesn’t matter and not a worry to anyone except me!! But if they communicated that it would be good!! Thank God for sites like this one! Will keep you all informed ! TTx

2nd round done and dusted. A bit more tired this time as still a long day but probably an hour or so shorter. All good.. will be taking it easy for today so at least the sun is shining🌝🌝🌝

Now for the wait to see if and when it kicks in! 🤞🤞🤞. For those who are dreading or feeling nervous for their first set of infusions , there really isn’t anything to worry about.😊TTx

Hi Tess...how are you feeling now? Hoo you’ve some benefit? 😊🤗 x

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