Ramblings 1!!!

Ramblings 1!!!


Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the support in regards to the mtx injection. This wk I did it myself, in my tummy and I did not feel a thing. The nurse praised me, I was so chuffed. Also I have had nothing like the extreme fatigue I got last wk, so I am pleased about that. I will be able to collect all the drug & all the supporting stuff next friday. So will be able to do it at home.

It's really cold -4 at 9am in essex. I awoke with dull aches in my knees and I am slower due to the cold this morning. I had planned to pop out, so I am hoping that it warms up later, or else I won't go. At present I don't need pain relief, but I will see how the day goes.

Wrap up warmly if your out.

Take care & enjoy your wkend

Sci x

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  • Hi Sci

    Really glad that the injection seems to be working well for you and that your side effects are reduced.It really is the thought thats worse than the deed!

    I think a lot of people suffer in the cold so if you're going out wrap up

    Have a good weekend

    Julie x

  • I'm staying this side of the front door today as i don't like the cold either. It is sunny here in bulkington as well today. The weatherman says its going to be cold for a few days yet.

    Pleased to hear the mtx injection went really well for you,it isn't as bad as you thought is it.

    Take care,

    Love sylvi.xx

  • Wow Sci! No pain meds? That is fantastic. I am so glad for you, long may it stay that way!

    Stay in, stay warm! XXX Loret

  • Good for u doing your injections! It will be so much easier doing it at home!

    I'm glad your feeling a bit better and ye wrap up in the cold I find that does help Axx

  • Hi All

    Thanks for the kind words. Should bring all the parafanailia home on friday.

    Take care Sci x

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