Fed up now !!

Well I just had my second scan on hands to check for inflamation, and no inflamation, so why does my fingers curl up n lock when I cook, and when I walk my husky, and it is so painful aswell, I am getting more limited and I work aswell, fed up with leaving most things to my partner and I have to rely on him being there to help me, its not fair on him 😢

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  • sounds like trigger finger doc said he can inject it probably a steroid injection

  • I had trigger finger. It was agony and it curled constantly. It is much better now. One Friday night, I was in so much pain in ONE FINGER that I called the out of hours GP! So, I can empathise.

  • Thank you.

  • It does doesnt it, thank you for your reply.

  • Ask to see orthopaedic guys, I have dupytrens which cause curled up fingers too, but other causes so worth getting it checked xx

  • Thank you, I will certainly enquire about this.

  • Xx

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