Derma fillers

I have just been watching a programme we had taped about piercing problems. Anyway a girl on there had derma fillers put into her feet to give padding when she wore stilettos. I was just wondering with the problems some of us have with feet problems if anyone had tried this I was just wondering if this was an option. I have orthotics to wear in my shoes but this looks like a good idea if not a little expensive but if I could walk whilst not being in pain it would be worth it to me.

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  • Knowing my luck my immune system would attack them lol xx

  • I agree with Allanah!

  • same here anything foreign and my body is all "nope I don;t like that. Take this for doing that to me!"

  • Don't even go there autoimmune related RA won't like it

  • Sounds good in theory but I agree with the others, RA would make you pay for trying to beat it! My body won't even tolerate dissolvable stitches, if I have an operation I get all sorts of nasty abscesses on the scar as my body rejects and pushes out the little blighters!

  • Im a 54 year old male who has had RA for 3 years which unfortunately had a rapid impact, for the last 2 years I have been issued an nhs powered wheel chair as with the wrist and hand problems I couldnt operate a manual one. Im constantly scanning here and elsewhere for anything which may help, now heres my dilemma, I find it difficult to stand without assistance and have as yet been unable to walk at all without help, my worry is with a PIP assesment possible in 2015 if I have these dermo fillers are they going to expect me to walk in stilletos?!?. :(

  • Even a flu shot makes my immune system rebel. I wouldn't even consider it. But I'd love to see leonvra walking in stilettos!

  • Urgh no...can't stand anything like that, nor piercings and tattoos, yuck, revolting, no, no, no, lol

  • its awful when you have to give up on stilettos . I bought some during last summer not that high never worn them! Thought i'd give them a go for New Years Eve....... NO chance! ended up wearing flat boot's!! Had a good time anyway! Have to go for comfort everytjme ! Never mind!Yes the body/feet win all the time these days!!Not been able to wear even little heels for years now! HE HO!!

  • I just want to wear my heels again - will look into it a bit more :(

  • Would you mind letting me know if you get anywhere? Miss my heels the most :) good luck x

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