Barking mad!!!!!!!

Yesterday I had a really bad day, I was snapping and barking at every person I came in contact with, I felt really low and angry ( at nothing in particular )just everything . My hands were painful and my feet were very hot. I was wondering if you good people have had days like this. I seem to have simmered down today ( up to now ) but my feet are still very hot. I hope you all have a good day, as best as you can and hopefully enjoy some autumn sun.

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  • Oh yes, my OH and kids do go through it some days. I think it is a mix of frustration, anger, pain and tiredness. Like you I am aware I am like it but cannot seem to control it. Perhaps a chat with your rheumy nurse as it sounds as if your disease is not under enough control at the moment. If your feelings continue don't be afraid to speak to your GP as this disease can get on top of us at times. Hope the sun does come out today as it stayed grey here yesterday. Farm

  • I have this sometimes too, crying as well. It's understandable I think and sometimes you just need to go with things. I try to explain that it's not really them I'm angry with , mainly this bloody illness ESP my knees

  • Thankyou for the replies, now I don't feel as if I am going mad. Yes farm I will chat to my rheum you nurse, I am seeing her next week. Like you said maybe my RD is not under proper control yet, I was only diagnosed 8 weeks ago and given MTX and HYDRO so reading all you others maybe I need either something else or the dose modified. Have a good day. X

  • The medication will probably not have started to work properly yet as they can take up to 12 weeks to have a proper effect. Your RA nurse may be able to give you a steroid injection to tide you over until the drug can help more but each department have their own protocols for treatment. Farm

  • I have days like this. Even when I can see myself doing it, it's so hard to stop myself. Perhaps we have to realise that sometimes everything gets on top of us, and we're not superman, we crumble. Shouldn't feel guilty, this can be a dreadful disease to cope with. Always a good idea to seek help/support, even just putting it into words can help.

    Look after yourself. M xx

  • I'm feeling it!

    I've been getting the hot feet in the last few weeks as the last steroid injection wears off. Bleedin' nightmare it is. I'm not wearing socks in the house to keep my feet cooler - which I've never done before. And grating some cheese suddenly needs a different grip again. Arghhh & grrr! And as Cathie mentions, the urge to cry is welling up more often - just plain despair for a minute or two.

    This place and people are so good to each other - it's a great place to vent about troubles. I'm not surrounded by others with the same condition so here is a great venue to express it.

    Keep the feet exposed!


  • I can definitely relate! I don't always recognise how much pain I am in until I realise I am getting the grumps and being really nasty and snapping at everyone. Its got to the point where I have told a number of friends that if they see me being really grumpy and aggro to just tell me to go take painkillers.

  • My poor boyfriend will tell you that I get like this. Some days I'll just snap, not want anyone anywhere near me, and the slightest little thing will set me off. I know what I'm doing when it happens, and how much of a psycho bitch I'm being but can never seem to switch it off

  • Just don't worry about it! I am sure a lot of us get like that sometimes. Just congratulate yourself on days when you are not grumpy and snappy. We all have to be happy with ourselves when we do something positive and forget what other people might see as negative. All the very best and get better NOW! That's an order!

  • Yes. Sadly, I'm even like that with the kids. I feel like those Snickers commercials: "You're not yourself when you're hungry". We're not ourselves when we're exhausted and in constant pain.

    You're not alone.

    Gentle hugs to you.

  • Oh my word I didn't expect a wonderful response like this, you are such amazing people.i know that I am not alone feeling like a mad woman.

    I am feeling much better today but it is MTX evening and I know that tomorrow I will be feeling so yuk, legs like jelly, no apitite and very tired, but at least I can curl up on the sofa and watch recorded programmes on TV because I know that I won't be fit for anything else.

    Have a good day tomorrow, hopefully pain free and as happy as you can be with this awful disease. Xx

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