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Heatwave and mossie bites

OMG why do those dam insects like me so much. I have got more bites now than I had when I went to Egypt 2 years ago. This lovely weather is great but we arent used to it my joints are playing up but to be fair i think I may have done too much (just for a change). My cat spends the day roaming round trying to find somewhere cool it cant be much fun when you are wearing a full fur coat lol.

My ex husband has fitted me an outside tap bless him its brill no more struggling to fill watering cans under the kitchen tap.

I have been reading your blogs but not been on for a few days. Keep cool. Sharon

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I use citronella candles all round where i sit in the evening outside or hubby lines the barbecue by just burning wood they don't like that. Also i give my cat some ice lollies in the summer i out them in his water to help keep him cool. Xxx


Oh what a lovely idea. The lolly that is. Thanks for the tip.


Ever since they took deet out of anti mossie sprays they have not been as effective. If you don't want to use sprays or creams try using lemon soaps or lemon scented sprays. Mossies don't like anything citrus.


you can i think still buy Deet sprays in the mountain warehouse camping shop, or is it just deet copies now?


We use Incognito which we find particularly good. Also Boots have both a Soltan sunscreen and after sun which contain insect repellant. We have used these in many places and find that they actually work very well. Clemmie


Oh thank you Clemmie.


Your joints are playing up because the temp. has gone up so fast. We have gone from 17% to 27% so is it any wonder your joints are aching. I am suffering at the moment as well. When the weather cools down hopefully your joints will settle


Thank you sylvi.


Hi Sharon, think you have hit the nail on the head- when this beautiful weather comes we all do too much, whether it is long drives to the beach, gardening, walking for longer than usual because the sun is shining.

I have yet to see documentation that substantiates the difference in temperatures and RA.

I suspect that other health issues may also, to a greater degree, have an effect on our bodies.

Heat makes most healthy people swell- what I am finding is helping is to drink lots of water and I mean between 2-3 litres might be worth a try- sorry do not mean to be rude if you are already doing that.

As for me, my tan is coming along nicely, with sunscreen of course cos I am on Anti-TNF, I also have many bites, the warm weather and no breeze encourages them, so took a Benedryl last night and slept for ten hours! Laughing- I think I might try that every night and start getting some decent sleep.

Hope you enjoy all this glorious sunshine and no gardening today- treat yourself like one of your precious plants, protect from wind and sunshine and water and feed often

Katie x


Oh thank you Katie I am still in my nighty at 3.15p.m Too hot to get dressed but I really will have to have a shower in the interests of hygiene. Re the water I dont drink enough promise to do more of that.


Hi all

I notice there have been a couple of queries on here lately about the possible effects of temperature on RA. I think this will obviously vary from person to person, but I did come across a study that suggested a link. The link was found with low temperatures rather than high ones, but humidity was also thought to make a difference, so it could be more the humidity that's causing the problem. Here is a quote from the study results:

"Low temperature, high atmospheric pressure, and high humidity were significantly correlated with pain in RA"

You can read more about this study here:

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


Thank you Victoria.


Avon Skin so soft spray...the green/blue one is fab for keeping the mossies off. Lots of the hiking/camping community use it. I react terribly to bites so always have some to hand.


Oh yes it normally works for me but for some reason not this time. At least my skin is soft lol.


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