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Problems with availability of 50mg MyCLIC Enbrel pens

Hi all

We have just been made aware of a Europe-wide problem with the availability of the 50mg MyCLIC Enbrel pens. If you are on this method of Enbrel, the following statement from Healthcare at Home on the NRAS site may be useful to you:

Please note that patients taking Enbrel in other forms/doses will not be affected.

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)

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Oh good, then. The service is going from bad to worse. The drivers curse when they make a delivery, as they don't receive orders for sharps or given an eta. I complained (too strong a word: I know the HAH delivery driver) that the delivery time bore no correspondence to the eta on hah website. Only 5 hours out, and no sharps box that was requested. I never blame the drivers, they are all lovely, friendly fellas.


Oh dear I am meant to be starting on this drug


and some one said that they lowering nr of drivers for home delivery


Hello,I have read the link but I have had no word when they state they will be contacting affected patients, do you think I can relax then? Anyone else had word from healthcare at home?

Bit nervous at the thought of going without, would appreciate more info.....

And to agree with Andrea, the drivers have been amazing :) the most helpful and friendly distributors I,ve come across!


Hi guys.

I have been informed that this should all be resolved and back to normal by Monday.


I am having delivery of 50mg enbral tomorrow (monday). My first delivery (newbie enbral patient).


I have spoke to HAH today.

All issues with 50mg Enbrel pens are now resolved.


Update from their website;

Healthcare at Home have worked closely with the Department of Health and Pfizer, the manufacturer of Enbrel, throughout the recent disruption in the supply of the Enbrel 50mg MyCLIC pens, and can at this point assure Healthcare at Home's MyCLIC patients that they will continue to receive supply of the 50mg MyCLIC pens.

Pfizer is continuing to deal with a Europe-wide intermittent disruption in the supply of 50mg pre-filled Enbrel MyCLIC pens. In response, Healthcare at Home has maintained contingency measures that are designed to minimise disruption to our patients.

Enbrel patients do not need to do anything at this time as we will contact anyone who may be affected by telephone.

If however, you have any questions or concerns about your Enbrel delivery or stock supply, we have set up a dedicated support team for Enbrel patients on 0330 123 0273 or via email on


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